Chapter Subsidy Program

EDS offers its chapters an annual subsidy program to support activities such as: the organization of technical meetings (conferences, symposia, workshops, etc.); coverage of local expenses for distinguished lecturers; payment of chapter meeting promotion and administration expenses; subsidizing the payment of IEEE and EDS memberships and subscriptions for chapter members; and support for student activities.

For 2016, the EDS Board of Governors (BoG) granted funding requests for 78 chapters, with most amounts ranging from US $250 to US $750. Some IEEE Sections also provide funding support for their chapters. It would be a good idea to contact your Section concerning this matter.

Please note that it is imperative that chapters submit chapter activity reports and DL/MQfeedback forms, since EDS will be using this information in determining the funds that chapters will receive through the EDS chapter subsidy program, EDS distinguished lecturer and mini-colloquium programs.  EDS student chapters need to submit their activities report through the new student chapter activity report form now available on-line.

The Guidelines for Chapters Seeking Subsidies has been included below to help EDS Chapter Chairs define what activities/programs qualify for subsidy funding. If you would like further information on this program, please contact the EDS Executive Office.


Guidelines for Chapters Seeking Subsidies 

Subsidy to a chapter requesting support is issued no more than once a year and is not automatically renewed for subsequent years.

A chapter desiring a subsidy for the upcoming year must submit a chapter subsidy request form by September 1st.  

The request form should contain a brief description of activities for which the funds will be allocated, the existing and previous sources of funding for such activities, a budget including the specific amount requested from EDS, chapter's membership growth, and the anticipated benefits for the chapter, EDS and IEEE.  If the Chapter has received subsidy in the previous two years, details of its utilization and benefits received through technical meetings, out-reach programs as well as the resultant membership growth may be highlighted.  

Activities which are considered fundable include, but are not limited to, membership promotion, travel allowances for invited speakers to chapter events and support for student activities at local institutions.

The amount of each subsidy depends on the nature and frequency of activities to be supported, but in general, does not exceed $750 for chapters sponsored by EDS only and $375 for chapters jointly sponsored by EDS and another IEEE society(ies).

Each request is reviewed by the Regions and Chapters Committee, including the SRC Chair/Vice Chairs and EDS Vice President of Regions/Chapters.

Final decisions concerning chapter subsidies will be made by the EDS Regions and Chapters Committee team by December. Once the decision is made, all requesting chapters will be notified of the results by the Executive Office. Subsidy checks and wire transfers will be issued by late December/early January.