Educational Activities

EDS is many things to its members-- scientific publisher, technical conference sponsor, networking resource-- but at its core EDS is a community of learning. From undergraduate students and PhD candidates to tenured professors and world-renowned researchers, EDS provides device engineers from across the spectrum engaging and enriching educational opportunities.

  • EDS Webinars
    Launched in 2011, EDS's webinar series delivers live, interactive lectures right to your desktop with luminaries from the device engineering field.  And, if you can't attend in person, you can always watch replays on the EDS site 24/7.
  • Distinguished Lecturer / Mini-Colloquia Program (DL-MQ)
    Each year, EDS offers over one hundred free, locally-based seminars led by one of EDS's Distinguished Lecturers. The program enables EDS chapters to host well known educators and authors in the field of electron devices to lecture at their meetings.  This program is only open to EDS Chapters, although nonmembers are welcomed and encouraged to attend.
  • Student Fellowships
    The EDS PhD and Masters Student Fellowships promote, recognize, and support PhD and Masters level study and research within the Electron Devices Society's field of interest. Each year at least three PhD and Masters Fellowships are awarded with prizes ranging from $5K (PhD) and $2K (Masters) per awardee.
  • Accelerating Photovoltaics
    Learn how EDS is helping researchers around the world make solar strides.  View the video on the EDS home page or download the file for offline viewing.


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