Paul Rappaport Award

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The Paul Rappaport Award was established in 1984 to recognize the best paper appearing in a fast turn around archival publication of the IEEE Electron Devices Society, targeted to IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices. It is presented annually and the recipient(s) is awarded a certificate and a check for $2,500, presented at the EDS Board of Governors Meeting in conjunction with the International Electron Devices Meeting.



Congratulations to the 2015 EDS Paul Rappaport Award winners:

Stefano Ambrogio, Simone Balatti, Vincent McCaffrey, Daniel C. Wang & Daniele Ielmini for their paper entitled Noise-Induced Resistance Broadening in Resistive Switching Memory€”Part I: Intrinsic Cell Behavior / Part II: Array Statistics

Previous Award Winners

Individuals Paper

Stefano Ambrogio
Simone Balatti
Vincent McCaffrey
Daniel C. Wang
Daniele Ielmini

Noise-Induced Resistance Broadening in Resistive Switching Memory€”Part I: Intrinsic Cell Behavior / Part II: Array Statistics

2014 Sylvain Barraud
Jean-Michel Hartmann
Virginie Maffini-Alvaro
Lucie Tosti
Vincent Delaye
Dominique Lafond
€œTop-Down Fabrication of Epitaxial SiGe/Si Multi-(Core/Shell) p-FET Nanowire Transistors"

Rui Zhang
Po-Chin Huang
Ju-Chin Lin
Noriyuki Taoka
Mitsuru Takenaka
Shinichi Takagias

"High-Mobility Ge p- and n-MOSFETs With 0.7-nm EOT Using HfO2/Al2O3/GeOx/Ge Gate Stacks Fabricated by Plasma Postoxidation"

2012 Kelin Kuhn €œConsiderations for Ultimate CMOS Scaling"
2011 Tibor Grasser
Ben Kaczer
Wolfgang Goes
Hans Reisinger
Thomas Aichinger
Philipp Hehenberger
Paul-Jürgen Wagner
Franz Schanovsky
Jacopo Franco
María Toledano Luque
Michael Nelhiebel
€œThe Paradigm Shift in Understanding the Bias Temperature Instability: From Reaction-Diffusion to Switching Oxide Traps"
2010 Yusaku Kato
Tsuyoshi Sekitani
Yoshiaki Noguchi
Tomoyuki Yokota
Makoto Takamiya
Takayasu Sakurai
Takao Someya
"Large-Area Flexible Ultrasonic Imaging System With an Organic-Transistor Active Matrix"
2009 Takao Someya
Tsuyoshi Sekitani
Koichiro Zaitsu
Yoshiaki Noguchi
Kiyoshiro Ishibe
Makoto Takamiya
Takayasu Sakurai
€œPrinted Nonvolatile Memory for a Sheet-Type Communication System"
2008 Kah-Wee Ang
Jian Qiang Lin
Ganesh S. Samudra
Shih-Hang Tung
Narayanan Balasumbramanian
Yee-Chia Yeo
"Strained n-MOSFET With Embedded Source/Drain Stressors and Strain-Transfer Structure (STS) for Enhanced Transistor Performance"
2007 Azad Naeemi
James D. Meindl
"Design and Performance Modeling for Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes as Local, Semiglobal, and Global Interconnects in Gigascale Integrated Systems"
Billy Lau
Alfred Forchel
Lukas Worschech
David Hartmann
"Cascaded Quantum Wires and Integrated Design for Complex Logic Functions: Nanoelectronic Full Adder"
Kailash Gopalakrishnan
Peter B. Griffin
James D. Plummer
Raymond Wood
Christoph Jungemann
"Impact Ionization MOS (I-MOS) - Part I: Device and Circuit Simulations and Part II: Experimental Results"
Franco Stellari
Peilin Song
James C. Tsang
Moyra K. McManus
Mark B. Ketchen
"Testing and Diagnostics of CMOS Circuits Using Light Emission from Off-State Leakage Current"
Ken Uchida
Junji Koga
Ryuji Ohba
Akira Toriumi
"Programmable Single - Electron Transistor Logic for future Low-Power Intelligent LSI : Proposal and Room - Temperature Operation"
Yee Chia Yeo
Vivek Subramanian
Jakub Kedzierski
Peiqi Xuan
Tsu-Jae King
Jeffrey Bokor
Chenming Hu
"Design & Fabrication of 50-nm Thin-Body p-MOSFETS with a Silicon-Germanium Heterostructure Channel"
Ioannis Kymissis
Christos D. Dimitrakopoulos
Sampath Purusothaman
Raymond M. Warner, Jr.
"High Performance Bottom Electrode Organic Thin-Film Transistors", which appeared in the June 2001 issue of T-ED.
"Microelectronics: Its Unusual Origin and Personality", which appeared in the November 2001 issue of T-ED.
Didier Dutartre
Malgorzata Jurczak
Damien Lenoble
Jose Martins
Stephanie Monfray
Roland Pantel
M. Paoli
Jorge Luis Regolini
Pascal Ribot
Thomas Skotnicki
Beatrice Tormen
"Silicon-on-Nothing (SON)--an Innovative Process for Advanced CMOS", which appeared in the November, 2000 issue of Transactions on Electron Devices.
Pallab Bhattacharya
Kishore K. Kamath
Jasprit Singh
David Klotzkin
Jamie Phillips
Hong-Tao Jiang
Nalini Chervela
Theodore B. Norris
Tom Sosnowski
Joy Laskar
M. Ramana Murty
"In (Ga)As/GaAs Self-Organized Quantum Dot Lasers: DC and Small-Signal Modulation Properties"
Yujun Li
Tso-Ping Mai
"A Front-Gate Charge-Pumping Method for Probing Both Interfaces in SOI Devices"
Dimitri A. Antoniadis
Anantha P. Chandrakasan
Carlin J. Vieri
Isabel Y. Yang
"Back-Gated CMOS on SOIAS For Dynamic Threshold Voltage Control"
Chris J. Diorio
Paul E. Hasler
Carver A. Mead
Bradley A. Minch
"A Single-Transistor Silicon Synapse" T-ED/ED-43/11
Herbert Lifka
Ger M. Paulzen
Henk G. Pomp
Pierre H. Woerlee
Reinout Woltjer
"Three Hot-Carrier Degradation Mechanisms in Deep-Submicron PMOSFETS" T-ED/ED-42/1
Takashi Hashimoto
Tomoyuki Ishii
Takashi Kobayashi
Fumio Murai
Koichi Seki
Kazuo Yano
"Room-Temperature Single-Electron Memory" T-ED/ED-41/9
Hisashi Hara
Hiroshi Iwai
Toyota Morimoto
Masakatsu Tsuchiaki
"A New Charge Pumping Method for Determining the Spatial Distribution of Hot-Carrier- Induced Fixed Charge in p- MOSFETS's" T-ED/ED-40/10
April S. Brown
Linda M. Jelloian
Loi D. Nguyen
Mark A. Thompson
"50-nm Self-Aligned Gate Pseudomorphic AllnAs/GalnAs High Electron Mobility Transistors" T-ED/ED-39/9
Hiroshi Fukuda
Akira Imai
Shinji Okazaki
Tsuneo Terasawa
"New Approach to Resolution Limit and Advanced Image Formation Techniques in Optical Lithography" T-ED/ED-38/1
Khalil Najafi
Kenichiro Suzuki
Kensall D. Wise
"A 1024-Element High-Performance Silicon Tactile Imager" T-ED/ED-37/8
James F. Gibbons
Judy L. Hoyt
Clifford A. King
"Bandgap and Transport Properties of Si1-xGex by Analysis of Nearly Ideal Si/Si1-xGex/Si Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors" T-ED/ED-36/10
Diane R. Ahrendt
Vladimir F. Drobny
Valdis E. Garuts
Robert D. Herman
Eric E. Lane
June S. Lee
Evan E. Patton
Tadanori Yamaguchi
Simon Yu
Todd H. Yuzuriha
"Process and Device Performance of a High-Speed Double Poly-Si Bipolar Technology Using Process Borosenic-Poly with Coupling-Base Implant" T-ED/ED-35/8
Richard B. True "Emittance and the Design of Beam Formation, Transport, and Collection Systems in Periodically Focused TWT's" T-ED/ED-34/2
Ben T. Ebihara
Peter Ramins
"Improvements in the MDC and TWT Overall Efficiency Through the Application of Carbon Surfaces Electrode" T-ED/ED-33/11
Roger Epworth
Linus A. Fetter
Richard E. Howard
Lawrence D. Jackel
Paul M. Mankiewich
Kristan S. Ralls
William J. Skocpol
Donald M. Tennant
"Single Electron Switching Events in MOSFET's" Nanometer-Scale Si, T-ED/ED- 32/
Shojiro Asai
Norikazu Hashimoto
Kiyoo Itoh
Tokuo Kure
Hideo Sunami
Toru Toyabe
"A Corrugated Capacitor Cell (CCC)" T-ED/ED- 31/6
Jaroslav Hynecek "Electron-Hole Recombination Antiblooming for Virtual-Phase CCD Imager" T-ED/ED-30/8
R. Fabian Pease
David B. Tuckerman
€œHigh-Performance Heat Sinking for VLSI€ EDL/ED-2/5
*Selected by EDS BoG as first Paul Rappaport Award winner. IEEE did not approve the award until 1983.

Although the IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS) is pleased to invite all individuals and groups in the OFAC embargoed countries to submit nominations for IEEE EDS Awards, the IEEE EDS cannot provide any award monies to members from such countries at this time.