2016-2017 President's Message

Dear Fellow Electron Devices Society Members:

I am extremely honored and pleased to assume the duties as President of IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS). EDS has always led by extraordinary visionary leaders in the past. I take this opportunity to thank the past leadership for making EDS one of the best societies of IEEE. I will continue building EDS on the foundation of the past to meet the challenges of the future.

EDS is, truly, an international society with more than 10,000 members and 190 chapters worldwide. Over the past six decades, EDS has been promoting the advancement of the professional standing of its members and has been enhancing the quality of life for humanity through its members’ contributions in R & D, manufacturing, and application of electronic and ionic devices. Our Society is an all-volunteer society, driven to excellence by its leadership, with the active participation of all our worldwide members. EDS has always been, clearly, one of the premier societies of IEEE and is by far the best of all professional associations operating in the global device technology arena. So, we are in a very good position. However, as device technology is approaching to a challenging regime, we cannot sit back and relax on our past.

In the years ahead, business will not be as usual. Now, things can change much faster than ever due to Internet. There are ongoing trends in publication business, organization of conferences and exhibitions, content distributions, knowledge access, education, membership models of technical societies, strategic or temporal partnering with other societies or groups, field of standards, and in the knowledge management that may or will affect EDS’s operations. In my view, the current areas of focus of our society: (1) membership; (2) publications; (3) conference management; (4) chapters; (5) educational activities; (6) sponsored awards; (7) EDS Mission Fund, and so on are well defined. And, we are, in good standing with our definition of near-future directions and engagements. However, we must develop strategy for outreach program to benefit our Society and define our future directions for smart electronic systems such as devices for smart-cars including self-driving or driver-less cars, smart-city infrastructure, Internet of Things, and so on. Therefore, my plan is to continue with our current activities and execution processes, and develop a suitable outreach program and define the future directions of our Society. I will discuss some of these programs below and some in due course of time of our engagement.

  • Membership Growth: Our Society membership continues to be around 10,000 for a while. In spite of maintaining this overall number, the membership in some geographical regions continues to decline. I intend to develop strategies for membership drive through our Subcommittee for Regions & Chapters volunteers.
  • Publications Excellence: It is of paramount importance that we consistently work not only to keep but also to expand our worldwide leading position with respect to publications by always operating at the forefront and by keeping the quality of published papers as high as possible. In this respect, I plan to develop EDS Open Access (OA) strategies to make our newly launched the Journal of Electron Devices Society (J-EDS) one of the top-tiered topical OA publications in IEEE and competing OA publications on device technology through our Publications and Products volunteers.
  • Conference Management: Similar to our publications, it is extremely important to expand our worldwide leading position with respect to device conferences. In this context, I intend to drive the Asia Electron Devices Meeting and set realistic schedule for the inaugural conference in Asia. Conference income is the major component of the Society’s income. I intend to develop management policies and procedures that will assure the integrity of the income stream and the continued success of our conferences.
  • Chapter Growth: Chapters are vital to the overall success of EDS and growth of our Society’s membership. We must provide the necessary assistance to our chapters to actively engage in EDS programs. Also, it is extremely critical to plan the growth and development of EDS Student Chapter. Today's academic institutions hold the engineering professionals of tomorrow. I intend to continue to be heavily focused on developing programs to benefit today's students and help them prepare for entry into the industry or academia with an objective to strategically add Student Chapters from many of the academic institutions worldwide.
  • Educational Program: Our Society has earned praise from 2015 Five-year Society Review Committee for our stellar educational programs including Masters Student and PhD Student Fellowships, Distinguished Lectures (DLs), Mini-Colloquia (MQ), Webinar, and so on. Our thanks go out to all involved, distinguished lecturer and volunteers, in making these programs a high-value benefit for our members. Our topical areas for DLs, MQ, and Webinars provide opportunities to our members for networking and learning from fellow members and recognized experts in the field. In addition to continuing the existing programs, I intend to explore the feasibility of introducing a Tutorial Program with leading experts in the field as Tutors.
  • Outreach Program: I plan to actively pursue EDS Outreach Program. Being involved in industry as well as in academia, I am aware of most students’ thought processes and their views on engineering and technology. Also, being associated with volunteers around the globe, I know that the attitudes of people from different geographical regions are different. So, I plan to engage outreach programs: Outreach to Youth, Outreach to Industry, and Outreach to other Societies. We need to evaluate which strategic or temporal alliances or kind of partnerships will help us to better reach our goals. The EDS Field of Interest Statement overlaps with the societies that spawned out of EDS. I think by working with the Overlapping Societies we can form a mutually profitable relationship that will increase the membership of EDS and partner Societies while increasing the service and benefits to the members of all the Societies involved.
  • Future Directions: In my view, EDS must get involve in Future Direction programs. The impact of electronic devices from the component level to system level is more than ever. This is, especially, true for emerging application areas such as automotive industry, industrial automation, life sciences, security, logistics, mobility, energy saving, social networking, and environmental protection where high growth rates are evident. In all these areas, electron devices are crucial to the competitiveness of companies and entire industry sectors, as these technologies provide pertinent key enabling functionalities and are thus, a driving force behind numerous product innovation activities. In particular, device technologies play a key role in nearly all areas of computers, communications, and social media. Further, the semiconductor industry will continue to evolve in providing smart-electronic devices enabling solutions for smart-cars, smart-homes, smart-city infrastructure, Internet of Things, and so on. The smart city infrastructure for driverless cars requires smart electronic system along with software codes to communicate cars and urban traffic system for the safety of drivers and pedestrians and maintaining echo systems. The emerging trends will greatly influence the future of our technical field of interest and therefore, to the broad spectrum and the territory of our Society. This offers EDS opportunity to outreach automobile industry to define device specifications and set standards for smart electronic devices and products and outreach city governance to set strategies for smart-city infrastructure. Thus, I intend to engage in Future Direction programs through our Technical Committees and volunteers to organize conferences, Webinar, MQ, and DLs, publish Special Issues, and so on.

These are all very worthy goals; so, I urge all EDS members to publicize the benefits our Society offers and help achieving our goals. The most important step to achieve our goals is to empower our Executive Committee (ExCom), Board of Governors (BoGs), Technical Committees, and the Membership to involve in the activities of the Society. As mentioned, EDS is an all-volunteer society and thus, the selfless dedication of our volunteers is of utmost importance for the well-being of our Society. Our volunteers organize our conferences, workshops, DLs, MQ, Tutorials, and Education programs; they lead our publications and review submitted papers; and they serve on our Local Chapters, Technical Committees, BoGs, and ExCom. So, I encourage all our members to get involved at any level – attending events, volunteering to help with specific activities or joining one of our 14 Technical Committees. Personally, I have been involved with EDS for over 25 years. The knowledge I gained and the life-long friends I met along the way have made EDS membership a tremendous experience for me, both personally and professionally. It has always been a pleasure for me to work with my volunteering colleagues towards the well-being of the global electron devices community. So again, get involved and bring along anyone else you know, new to the field, or experienced technologist or researcher, and see what EDS can do for you – you will be glad you did!  Together we can continue to make EDS a great Society for all our members. And, I am humbled for the opportunity to lead the way.

Finally, I congratulate the newly elected members of BoGs and Officers and, newly appointed ExCom members and Technical Committee Chairs and Members. The Excellence of our Society has been achieved through the hard work and dedication of our previous Officers, ExCom, BoGs, Technical committees, and our Chapter volunteers. So, my sincere thanks to all those involved. I look forward to working with our new BoGs, ExCom, and Technical Committees to further the great work done to make EDS one of the premiere societies in IEEE. Without the hard work and dedication of these individuals, our membership would not be able to enjoy and benefit from all the activities and resources our Society has to offer. Our Society is here to serve you. If you have ideas for improving EDS, I would love to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to contact me.


Samar Saha
EDS President
Prospicient Devices, Milpitas, CA, USA