Newsletter Committee

  • Newsletter Committee Chair

    • Jacobus W. Swart
       - Senior Member
      FEEC/UNICAMP - State University of Campinas
      Av. Albert Einstein 400
      Campinas, Sao Paul 13.083-970
      Phone 1:
      +55 19 3746 6001

      Lecture Topics: MEMS, sensors, ISFET, CNT and graphene, Advanced CMOS processes

  • Newsletter Editor-in-Chief

    • Carmen M. Lilley
      University of Illinois at Chicago
      Department of Mechanical Engineering
      1200 West Harrison St.
      3031 ERF MC 251
      Chicago, Illinois 60607
      Phone 1:


      Dr. Carmen M. Lilley obtained her BS in General Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1998. She then attended Northwestern University and obtained her PhD in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in 2003. Upon completing her PhD, she joined the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago as an Assistant Professor and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2010. Dr. Lilley has published in prestigious journals such as the Applied Physics Letters (APL), Journal of Applied Physics (JAP), and Nano Letters. She served as an Associate Editor for the ASME Journal of Computational on Nonlinear Dynamics from 2011-2015, and has reviewed manuscripts for APL, Journal of Applied Mechanics, JAP, Journal of Vibration and Acoustics, and Nano Letters. She has received various awards such as the National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career (CAREER) Development Award and the College of Engineering Research Award.
      Dr. Lilley is a senior member of IEEE. Within EDS, Dr. Lilley is on the IEEE Electron Devices Society Educational Committee Member (2012-Present), Chair of the MS and PhD Fellowship Committee (2014-Present), and a Board-of-Governors Member-at-Large (2015-Present). She is the technical committee chair on Nanomaterials for the Nanotechnology Council (NTC) (2006-Present) and served as their Council Representative for IEEE Women in Engineering Society (2012-2016). She has also served on the program committee for the NTC flagship conference IEEE Nano as a reviewer, track chair, and was the technical program chair for IEEE Nano 2014.

  • Regions 4 & 7 - Central USA & Canada Regional Editor

    • Michael M. Adachi
       - Assistant Professor, School of Engineering Science
      Michael M. Adachi portrait placeholder
      Simon Fraser University
      303-2373 Atkins Ave
      Port Coquitlam, BC V3C1Y7
      Dr Adachi is an Assistant Professor of the School of Engineering Science, Simon Fraser University, where he is leading a team in developing 2D material (graphene-like material) devices.

      Dr Adachi is vice-chair of the IEEE Electron Devices Society, Vancouver Chapter. He has refereed articles for a number of journals including Nanotechnology, Nano Research Letters, Optics Communications, ACS Nano, ACS Photonics, Nature Communications, Nano Research, and Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology.
    • Karim S. Karim
       - Senior Member
      Karim S.  Karim portrait
      Term 2
      University of Waterloo
      200 University Avenue W
      Waterloo, Ontario N2L3G1
      Phone 1:
      + 519 888 4567

      Phone 2
      Ext. 38336

      Lecture Topics:

      1. Low dose digital X-ray imagers in large area thin film technology

      2. High resolution digital imagers using hybrid CMOS technology

      3. Enabling single photon counting with amorphous semiconductors

      Karim S. Karim holds a PhD (2002) in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo and an MBA (2012) from the University of Toronto. He is currently a Full Professor in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo in Canada. In 2012, while on sabbatical, Dr. Karim spent eight months as the Head of Academic Planning at the University of Central Asia (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan). Dr. Karim is a Senior Member of the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), a Full Member of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine, and is a registered Professional Engineer in Canada. Dr. Karim also serves as the Associate Director for the Centre for Bioengineering and Biotechnology at the University of Waterloo, a university wide center he helped found that bridges the gap between Science and Engineering interdisciplinary research.

  • Regions 5 & 6 - Southwestern & Western USA Regional Editor

  • Region 8 - Scandinavia & Central Europe Regional Editor

    • Mariusz Orlikowski
      Mariusz Orlikowski portrait
      Term 2
      Lodz University of Technology
      Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science
      Stefana Żeromskiego 116
      Lodz 90-924
      Phone 1:
      +48 604397239

      Mariusz Orlikowski received MSc and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from Lodz University of Technology in 1995 and 2000, respectively. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science of Lodz University of Technology. His research interests include behavioral modelling, object oriented programming, distributed programming of data acquisition and processing systems and multithreaded systems development. He has been secretary of IEEE sponsored international MIXDES Conference series since 2004. He is also Deputy Editor in Chief of International Journal of Microelectronics and Computer Science.
  • Region 8 - UK, Middle East & Africa Regional Editor

    • Jonathan Terry
      Jonathan Terry portrait
      Term 2
      Institute for Integrated Systems
      School of Engineering
      University of Edinburgh
      Edinburgh EH9 3JF
      United Kingdom
      Phone 1:
      +44 (0)131 6505607

      Jonathan Terry is a Senior Member of the IEEE and the Treasurer of the Scottish Chapter of the IEEE Electron Devices Society. He is a senior research fellow at the University of Edinburgh in the Institute for Integrated Micro and Nano Systems and an honorary research fellow at Heriot-Watt University. His research centres on the development of More-than-Moore application. This is the integration of novel materials and processing techniques with standard foundry-produced CMOS technology. Jonathan also teaches within the Universityâ
  • Region 8 - Eastern Europe Regional Editor

    • Daniel Tomaszewski
      Daniel Tomaszewski portrait
      Term 2
      Instytut Technologii Elektronowej (ITE)
      Al.Lotników 32/46
      Warsaw 02-668
      Phone 1:
      +48 (22) 2793 200

      +48 (22) 2793 202
      D.Tomaszewski (M’2014) received M.Sc degree in electronics (spec. electronic technology) from Warsaw University of Technology in 1980, and Ph.D degree in electrical engineering (spec. solid-state device electronics) from Instytut Technologii Elektronowej, Warsaw in 1998.
  • Region 9 - Latin America Regional Editor

    • Joao Martino
       - Senior Member
      Joao Martino portrait
      Term 2
      University of Sao Paulo
      Laboratory of Integrated Systems
      Av. Prof. Luciano Gualberto, trav.3, n.158
      San Paulo 05508-010
      Phone 1:
      (11) 3091-5657

      Lecture Topics: 1) SOI MOSFET: Electrical Characterization and Modeling 2) Multiple-Gate Transistors: Device Physics and Characterization 3) Single Transistor Memory Cell: 1T-DRAM 4) Tunnel FET Transistors (triple-gate and nanowire structures) 5) Radiation effects on SOI devices 6) Field Effect Transistor: From MOSFET to Tunnel FET

      Joao Antonio Martino received master (1984) and PhD (1988) degrees in microelectronics from University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was a postdoctoral researcher in silicon-on-insulator (SOI) devices and technology in Imec, Belgium. He is currently a full professor and the head of SOI group at University of Sao Paulo. His expertise is in electrical characterization, simulation and modeling of SOI devices in wide temperature range. He is also interested in the SOI-CMOS fabrication process, multiple-gate devices (FinFET), 1T-DRAM, Tunnel-FET and radiation effects. He has authored or coauthored of more than 400 technical journal papers and conference presentation and author/editor of 5 books. He is senior member and distinguished lecturer of the IEEE Electron Device Society (EDS). He is chair of IEEE/EDS South Brazil chapter and vice-chair of SRC IEEE/EDS R9.
  • Region 10 - Australia, New Zealand & Southeast Asia Regional Editor

    • P Susthitha Menon
      P Susthitha Menon portrait
      Term 2
      Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics (IMEN)
      National University of Malaysia (UKM)
      Phone 1:

      P Susthitha Menon is currently an Associate Professor at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) at Kuala Lumpur. She received her BSEE degree from (UKM) in 1998. As an Intel scholar, she worked at Intel Malaysia as a Product Engineer for mobile modules systems from 1999 to 2002. She then received her MSc and PhD (Distinction) degrees in 2005 and 2008 respectively from UKM, for the development of Si- and InGaAs-based interdigitated p-i-n photodiodes. At the University’s Institute of Micro-Engineering & Nanoelectronics (IMEN) she is specializing in the field of optoelectronics, nanophotonics, and robust engineering optimization. Susthitha is a Senior Member of IEEE. She is in the organizing team international conference ICSE by ED Malaysia Chapter for many years and is the Secretary of the IEEE Electron Devices Malaysia Chapter.
  • Region 10 - Northeast Asia Regional Editor

    • Kuniyuki Kakushima
      Kuniyuki Kakushima portrait
      Term 3
      Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science
      Tokyo Institute of Technology
      4259 Nagatsuta
      Midori-ku, Yokohama 226-8502
      Kuniyuki Kakushima received his M.S. and Ph.D degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, in 2001 and 2003, respectively. He is currently an Associate Professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology and is investigating novel processes and materials for future scaled MOS devices. Dr. Kakushima is also a member of The Japan Society of Applied Physics.
  • Region 10 - East Asia Regional Editor

    • Ming Liu
       - Senior Member
      Ming Liu portrait
      Director - Lab of Nano-fabrication and Novel Device Integration Technology
      Institute of Microelectronics, CAS
      No.3, Bei-Tu-Cheng West Road
      Beijing 100029
      Phone 1:

      Lecture Topics: nano-fabrication, advanced memory device (charge trap memory, nanocrystal floating gate and resistive switching memory device), nano-electronic device and integrated technology, molecular electronic device and its integration
  • Region 10 - South Asia (India, Bangladesh & Nepal) Regional Editor

    • Manoj Saxena
      Manoj Saxena portrait
      Term 2
      Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College
      University of Delhi
      Sector 3, Dwarka
      New Delhi 110078
      Manoj Saxena is an Associate Professor in Department of Electronics, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India. He received B.Sc. (with honors), M. Sc., and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Delhi in 1998, 2000, and 2006 respectively. He has authored or coauthored 210 technical papers in international journals and various international and national conferences. His current research interests are in the areas of analytical modeling, design, and simulation of Optically controlled MESFET/MOSFET, silicon-on-nothing, insulated-shallow-extension, grooved/concave-gate MOSFETs, cylindrical gate MOSFET and Tunnel FET. He is a reviewer to many journals including Solid State Electronics, Journal of Physics: D Applied Physics and IEEE TED and EDL. Manoj is a Senior Member of IEEE and also Member of Institute of Physics (UK), Institution of Engineering and Technology (UK), National Academy of Sciences India (NASI) and International Association of Engineers (Hong Kong). Currently, he is the Secretary of EDS Delhi Chapter. For his voluntary contribution, Manoj received the outstanding EDS Volunteer recognition from EDS Chapters in the region in 2012.

      Lecture Topics:
      Dielectric Pocket MOSFET: A Novel Device Architecture
      Embedded Insulator based Novel Nanoscaled Novel MOSFET Structures
      Tunnel Field Effect Transistor and its Application as Highly Sensitive and Fast Biosensor
      Modeling and Simulation of Tunnel Field Effect Transistor
      Dual Material Junctionless Double Gate Transistor for Analog and Digital Performance