Device Reliability Physics Committee

  • Device Reliability Physics Committee Chair

    • Durga Misra
       - Senior Member
      NJ Institute of Technology
      Electrical and Comp. Eng. Department
      323 M L King Blvd.
      Newark, NJ 07102-1824
      Phone 1:
      +1 973 596 5739

      Lecture Topics:
      1. Challenges for Nanoelectronics: More Moore and More than Moore.
      2. High-k on High-Mobility Substrates: An interface Issue
  • Device Reliability Physics Committee Members

    • Diing Shenp Ang
      Associate Professor
      Nanyang Technological University
    • Bharat Bhuva
      Vanderbilt University
    • Tibor Grasser
       - Senior Member
      Lecture Topics: Semiconductor Device Reliability, Bias Temperature Instability, Hot Carrier Degradation, Random Telegraph Noise
    • Jifa Hao
      Fairchild Semiconductor
      Portland, MN
    • Andreas Kerber
      Global Foundries
      2070 Route 52
      Hopewell Junction 12533
      Phone 1:

      Lecture Topics:
      Electrical characterization and Reliability modeling of MG/HK CMOS devices.
      Impact of stochastic variation on reliability projections in scaled devices (BTI versus RTN).
      Correlation of transistor reliability to circuit aging (TDDB, BTI and HCI).
    • Souvik Mahapatra
       - Senior Member
      IIT Bombay
      Dept. of Electrical Engineering
      Maharashtra , Powai, Mumbai 400076
      Phone 1:
      +91 22 2572 0408

      Lecture Topics: CMOS device reliability
    • Chandra Mouli
       - Memory Devices and Technology; Solid State Device Phenomena
      Micron technology Inc.
      8000 S. Federal Way R&D MS 1-720
      Boise, ID 83706
      Phone 1:
      +1 208 368 2092

      +1 208 368 2548
      Chandra Mouli is with Micron Technology Inc., Boise, ID, USA. He is currently Director of Device Technology with responsibilities in the area of advanced device characterization, reliability analysis, test structure design/layout, process & device modeling for all technologies under development in R&D.

      He received his undergraduate degree in Physics and MSEE from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India and Ph.D (EE) from the University of Texas at Austin. He was with Texas Instruments for couple of years before joining UT/Austin. His interests include semiconductor devices and process technology for advanced memory, opto-electronic devices, exploratory research in the area of new materials and device structures. He has more than hundred issued patents and several pending in various areas of semiconductor devices and process – in advanced memory, novel devices and image sensor technology. He has served in the technical committees for various conferences, including IEDM, IRPS and SISPAD. He has also served in the review committees for NSF and SRC. He is currently a member of the scientific advisory board in SRC’s focus center programs and is a member of the ITRS technical working group.
    • Paul Nicollian
    • Anthony S. Oates
      Science Based Industrial Park
      121 Park Ave 3
      Hsinchu 300-77
      Phone 1:
      866 3 567 3006

      886 3 578 1064
      Anthony S. Oates received the Ph.D. degree in physics from the University
      of Reading, Reading, U.K., in 1985. He was then with the AT&T Bell Laboratories, where his research centered on studies of failure mechanisms in CMOS technologies. During this time, he was appointed as a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, and he assumed responsibility for reliability physics development and CMOS technology process qualification. Since 2002, he has been with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd., Hsinchu, Taiwan, where he is responsible for technology reliability
      physics research. He has published over 100 papers in the field of microelectronics reliability, and he is the co-holder of 7 patents. Dr. Oates is a fellow of the IEEE. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief for the IEEE Transactions of Device and Materials Reliability. He served as the General Chair of the International Reliability Physics Symposium in 2001, and was the chair of the IEEE Electron Devices Society Device reliability advisory committee from 2006 to 2011. He has also participated in technical committees for the International Electron Devices Meeting, IPFA, and ESREF symposia. He has edited two conference proceedings on microelectronic materials reliability for the Materials Research Society.
    • Stephen Ramey
    • Mayank Shrivastava
      Indian Inst. of Science
    • James Stathis
    • Suresh Uppal
    • Chadwin Young
      University of Texas at Dallas
      Dallas, TX