EDS Board of Governors Members-at-Large Election Process


The Members‑at‑Large (MAL) of the EDS Board of Governors (BoG) are elected for staggered 3-year terms. The EDS Constitution and Bylaws mandate the number of elected MAL to be a total of 22 members with at least two members from each of the following geographic areas: Regions 1-7 and 9; Region 8; and Region 10. Our Constitution and Bylaws also require that at least one elected BoG member is a Young Professional (YP – formerly Gold member). A Young Professional member is defined by IEEE as a member who graduated with his/her first professional degree within the last fifteen years. It is also required that a slate of nominees for members-at-large comprising of a minimum of 1.5 times the number of vacancies to occur. We also have a two-term lifetime limit for a volunteer to serve as a BoG Member-at-Large, which must be considered for nominations.  All nominees will be voted on by the EDS BoG in its meeting in December 2023.  All electees begin their term in office on January 1, 2024. The nominees need not be present to run for the election.  In 2023, eight positions will be filled.

The election procedure begins with the announcement of Call for Nominations in the EDS Newsletter. The slate of nominees is developed by the EDS Nominations & Elections Committee. Nominees are asked to submit a two‑page biography and an optional 50-word personal statement in a standard format.

Any EDS member who has served for a minimum of one year as an EDS Officer, Vice-President, Standing & Technical Committee Chair/Member, Publication Editor & Chapter Chair is eligible to be nominated unless otherwise precluded from doing so in the EDS Bylaws. All nominees must be endorsed by one BoG member, i.e., one of the four officers (President, President-Elect, Treasurer or Secretary), the Jr. or Sr. Past President or one of the 22 current BoG MAL. Self-nomination is allowed. Please note that there is no limit to the number of candidates that a full voting BoG member can endorse.

The deadline for Nominations will be October 15, 2023. The biographies and endorsement letters will be distributed to the BoG prior to the December BoG meeting. The election will be held in-person on December 10, 2023, immediately after the BoG meeting adjourns, and the results will be announced at the BoG Award Dinner that evening.  


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