ExCom & Elected Members-at-Large


February 3, 2023 – Webex Meeting

March 6, 2023 – In person – EDTM 3/7-10/23, Seoul, Korea

June 3, 2023 – In person – BoG meetings, Cambridge, UK

August 2023 – Webex Meeting

October 2023 – In person in the US

December 9, 2023 – In person IEDM/BoG Meetings, San Francisco, CA



The EDS Executive Committee (ExCom) is an 11 member body comprised of the society's officers (seated Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary), Standing Committee Vice Presidents, and the EDS Operations Director.  The Executive Committee provides the Board of Governors with strategic vision and long-term planning for the Society, oversees the finances and operations of the Society, and proposes new initiatives as well as policy changes.  The current ExCom members are listed below.

President: President-Elect assumes the position of President for a two-year term, (maximum one term) after serving as President-Elect for two years. The President has BoG voting privileges.

President Elect: Elected for a two-year term, maximum one term. The President-Elect has BoG voting privileges.

Secretary: Elected for a two-year term, no maximum terms. The Secretary has BoG voting privileges.

Treasurer: Elected for a two-year term, no maximum terms. The Treasurer has BoG voting privileges

Jr. & Sr. Past Presidents: have two-year terms and BoG voting privileges. 

Vice Presidents: have two-year renewable terms and Forum voting privileges.



President Elect

Sr. Past President



Vice President of Regions and Chapters

Vice President of Publications and Products

Vice President of Educational Activities

Vice President of Meetings

Vice President of Membership

Vice President of Technical Committees

Vice President of Strategic Directions


EDS BoG Members-at-Large are elected for a three-year term (maximum two terms) with voting privileges for all society matters, including Elections, and Constitution & Bylaws changes. 

Elected Member Expiring 2023

Elected Member Expiring 2024

Elected Member Expiring 2025