Strategic Directions


Strategic Directions Committee Vice President

Strategic Directions Committee Member

Strategic Planning Position Statements

  1. Broaden the base of technical areas of interest
    • Continuous evaluation of EDS Technical Committees’ areas of involvement to identify areas that need enhancement
    • Lead the coverage of emerging technologies
    • Establish active dialogue with existing and potential members regarding adequacies of area coverage
  2. Ensure EDS activities reflect the current and future global coverage and trends
    • Develop and promote activities in currently under-served regions
    • Revitalize and engage existing membership in developed regions
    • Maintain proportional volunteer representation in regards to all the regions
    • Determine and take leadership in meeting the needs of each geographic area
  3. Broaden, diversify and maintain EDS membership base  
    • Increase the value of EDS membership with emphasis on information delivery and education
    • Actively recruit young professionals
    • Encourage outreach activities for next generation
    • Actively recruit industry members