George E. Smith Award Specifications

EDS George E. Smith Award (Named after the founding editor, first presentation - 2003)

Description: To recognize the best paper appearing in a fast turn around archival publication of the IEEE Electron Devices Society, targeted to IEEE Electron Device Letters. Currently no such award exists. (The existing Rappaport award goes to best paper in IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices.)

Administration: Electron Devices Society

Eligibility: Authors of papers appearing in IEEE Electron Device Letters publication in preceding calendar year.

Prize Items: $2,500 and Certificate and travel reimbursement (on an as needed basis, at the discretion of the President), a maximum travel support of $1,500 for a winner residing within the U.S. and a maximum travel support of $3,000 for a winner residing outside the U.S. to attend the award presentation at the International Electron Devices Meeting.

Funds: Funded by the IEEE Electron Devices Society.

Nominee Solicitation: Nominations will be solicited from the editorial board of IEEE Transactions of Electron Devices and IEEE Electron Devices Letters.

Award Committee: Editorial Board of T-ED and EDL

Schedule: Nominations in November, selection by next June and presentation in December

Selection/Basis for Judging:

(i) Creativity/Innovation/Novelty
(ii) Convincing (Experimental / theoretical basis)
(iii) Significance (Academic/commercial impact)
(iv) A comprehensive enunciation of the contribution in relation to prior art
(v) Clarity

Presentation: Annually, at International Electron Devices Meeting.

Publicity: EDS Newsletter and EDS Membership brochure

 Although the IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS) is pleased to invite all individuals and groups in the OFAC embargoed countries to submit nominations for IEEE EDS Awards, the IEEE EDS cannot provide any award monies to members from such countries at this time.