IEEE EDS Fellows Elected 2020


GeoffreyBurr 190605 163

Geoffrey Burr - for contributions to neuromorphic computing using non-volatile memories



Ting-chang Chang - for contributions to non-volatile memory and thin-film transistor technologies


Chidi 2020

Pr Chidambaram - for contributions to strain engineering in MOSFETs and to designtechnology co-optimization



Chion Chui - for contributions to high-mobility germanium metal-oxidesemiconductor devices


(Photo not available)

Barbara De Salvo - for contributions to device physics of nonvolatile embedded and stand-alone memories


Gupta Mool

Mool Gupta - for contibutions to laser material interactions


M Hussain vertical

Muhammad Hussain - for contributions to flexible and stretchable electronic circuits



Benjamin Iniguez - for contributions to physics-based compact models of semiconductor devices


Martin Kuball

Martin Kuball - for contributions to Raman thermography in semiconductor devices



Wallace Lin - for contributions to understanding transistor charging mechanisms


Prof Po Tsun Liu

Po-tsun Liu - for contributions to thin film transistor technologies


Kartikeyan 2020Jan10 1

Kartikeyan Machavaram - for contributions to high-power millimeter wave and terahertz



Durga Misra

Durgamadhab Misra - for contributions to the reliability of CMOS gate stacks with high-k dielectrics


Bich Yen Portrait

Bich-yen Nguyen - for contributions to silicon on insulator technology


Nikzad Photo IEEE Fellow EDS Website 1

Shouleh Nikzad - for contributions to ultraviolet detectors for space applications



Byung-gook Park - for contributions to charge trap flash memory and multiple patterning technology


RINGEL DUP 2018 Potrait

Steven Ringel - for contributions to compound semiconductor phototovoltaics


Ravi Todi

Ravi Todi - for contributions to innovative design and commercialization of high performance eDRAM