IEEE EDS Fellows Elected 2021


 Akinwande photo

Deji Akinwande - for contributions to wafer-scale graphene synthesis and application to flexible devices


Aochi photo

Hideaki Aochi - for contributions to three dimensional flash memories


Calhoun2020 small

Benton Calhoun - for contributions to sub-threshold integrated circuits and self-powered systems


 Chauhan pic

Yogesh Chauhan - for contributions to compact modeling of Si and GaN transistors


Fthenakis photo new

Vasilis Fthenakis - for contributions to photovoltaics technology


 Henderson photo

Robert Henderson - for contributions to solid-state single photon imaging


(Photo not available) 

Ali Keshavarzi - for contributions to low-power circuits and devices in scaled CMOS technologies


CJKim UCLA headshot

Chang-Jin "CJ" Kim - for research of surface-tension-based microelectromechanical systems


Gourab photo 

Gourab Majumdar - for contribution to power semiconductor devices and intelligent power module


ohta photo

Jun Ohta - for contributions to CMOS image sensors and devices for biomedical applications


Bryan Root October 2019

Bryan Root - for leadership in improving semiconductor reliability test methods


seshia ashwin

Ashwin Seshia - for contributions to resonant-based inertial and mode-localized sensors



Tetsuya Suemitsu - for contributions to high-frequency high-electron-mobility transistors



Takatoshi Tsujimura - for contributions to the development of organic-light-emitting diode systems


Yifeng Wu photo

Yifeng Wu - for contributions to Gallium Nitride microwave and power conversion devices


 Yuasa photo

Shinji Yuasa - for contributions to MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions