Past J.J. Ebers Award Winners


2022 - Albert Wang "For pioneering contributions to reliability of 3D heterogeneous integration in Integrated Circuits"

2021 - Bruce Gnade "For materials contributions to CMOS and flexible electronics technologies"

2020 - Arokia Nathan "For contributions to thin film transistors and flexible/foldable electronics integration strategies"

2019 - H.-S. Philip Wong "For pioneering contributions to the scaling of silicon devices and technology"

2018 - Michael Shur "For pioneering the concept of ballistic transport in nanoscale semiconductor devices"

2017 - Kang L. Wang "For contributions and leadership in strained SiGe and magnetic memory technologies"

2016 - Jaroslav Hynecek "For the pioneering work and advancement of CCD and CMOS image sensor technologies"

2015 - Jack Yuan-Chen Sun "For sustained leadership and technical contributions to energy efficient foundry CMOS technologies"

2014 - Joachim N. Burghartz "For contributions to integrated spiral inductors for wireless communication ICs and ultra-thin silicon devices for emerging flexible electronics"

2013 - Nobukazu Teranishi "For development of the Pinned Photodiode concept widely used in Image Sensors”

2012 - Yuan Taur "For contributions to the advancement of several generations of CMOS process technologies"

2011 - Stuart Ross Wenham “For technical contributions and successful commercialization of high efficiency solar cells”

2010 - Mark E. Law “For contributions to widely used silicon integrated circuit process modeling

2009- Baruch Levush "For contributions to the development of widely applied simulation tools in the vacuum electronics industry"

2008-Mark R. Pinto "For contributions to widely applied semiconductor technology simulation tools"

2007- Stephen J. Pearton "For developing advanced compound-semiconductor processing techniques, and clarifying the roles of defects and impurities in compound-semiconductor devices"

2006- Ghavam G. Shahidi "For contributions and leadership in the development of Silicon-On-Insulator CMOS technology"

2005- Bijan Davari "For Contributions to deep-submicron CMOS technology and their impact on the IC industry"

2004- Jerry G. Fossum "For Outstanding Contributions to the Advancement of SOI CMOS Devices and Circuits Through Modeling"

2003- James D. Plummer "For Contributions to New Devices for Power Memory and Logic, and Fundamental Contribution to Process Modeling"

2002-Lester F. Eastman "For Sustained Technical Contributions and Leadership in the Development of High Frequency Heterostructure Transistors"

2001- Hiroshi Iwai "For Sustained Leadership and Technical Contributions to the Continuous Scaling of CMOS Devices"

2000- Bernard S. Meyerson "For Seminal Contributions to the Growth of Si/SiGe Heterostructures and Leadership in its Application to Telecommunications Integrated Circuits"

1999- James T. Clemens "For Fundamental Contributions to MOS VLSI Electron Devices"

1998- B. Jayant Baliga "For Fundamental and Sustained Contributions to Power Semiconductor Devices"

1997- Marvin H. White "For Pioneering Contributions to the Development of High Sensitivity Solid-State Cameras and Imagers, Widely Used in Consumer and Technical Applications, and for His Major Contributions to Progress in Semiconductor Devices"

1996- Tetsushi Sakai "For Pioneering Research of High Speed Bipolar Integrated Circuits"

1995- Martin A. Green "For Sustained Technical Leadership in the Field of Silicon Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conversion"

1994- Alfred U. Mac Rae "For Technical Contributions and Leadership in Ion Implantation and VLSI CMOS"

1993- Karl Hess "For Seminal Contributions to Electronic Transport in Semiconductors and in Quantum Well Heterostructures at High Energies"

1992- Louis C. Parrillo and Richard S. Payne "For Engineering Achievements in Process Architecture and Device Design for Twin-Tub CMOS Integrated Circuit Technology, Contributions to Bipolar Technology and Advancement of these Technologies in Commercial Utilization"

1991- Simon M. Sze "For Fundamental and Pioneering Contributions, and the Authorship of Widely-Used Technical Text and imageserence Books, in the Field of Electron Devices"

1990- Yoshiyuki Takeishi "For Key Innovations in Programmable Memory Technology, Contributions to the Understanding of MOS Device Physics and Technical Leadership in the Development of VLSI Technology"

1989- Tak H. Ning "For Outstanding Contributions to the Understanding of Hot Electron Effects in MOSFET Devices and for Developments in Advanced Bipolar Technology"

1988- Al F. Tasch, Jr. "For Outstanding Contributions to the Development of Silicon Integrated Circuits"

1987- Robert W. Dutton "For Pioneering Contributions to the Field of Modeling and Simulation of IC Processes, Devices and Circuits"

1986- Pallab K. Chatterjee "For Outstanding Technical Contributions to Electron Devices"

1985- Walter F. Kosonocky "For Pioneering and Innovative Contributions to the Development of Charge-Coupled Devices and Schottky- Barrier Infrared Image Sensors"

1984- Izuo Hayashi "For Demonstrating and Understanding Continuous, Room-Temperature, Heterojunction Lasers"

1983- Adolf Goetzberger "For Pioneering Contributions to the Fundamental Understanding of Silicon Junction and Interface Device Physics"

1982- Arthur G. Milnes "For Contributions to Research and Education in the Heterojunction and Deep-Impurity Device Physics"

1981- Chih-Tang Sah "For Outstanding Technical Contributions to Electron Devices"

1980- James D. Meindl "For Pioneering Contributions to Microelectronics Research and Education"

1979- James M. Early "For Outstanding Technical Contributions to Electron Devices"

1978- Hung C. Lin "For Outstanding Technical Contribution to Electron Devices"

1977- Anthony E. Siegman "For Outstanding Technical Contributions to Electron Devices"

1976- Marion E. Hines "For Outstanding Technical Contributions in Electron Devices"

1975- Jacques I. Pankove "For Outstanding Technical Contribution to Electron Devices"

1974- Andrew S. Grove "For Outstanding Technical Contribution to Electron Devices"

1973- Herbert Kroemer "For Outstanding Technical Contribution to Electron Devices"

1972- Charles W. Mueller "For Outstanding Technical Contributions to Electron Devices Spaning the Evolution of Modern Electronics From Grid Control Tubes Through the Alloy Transistor, the Thyristor, and MOS Devices to Silicon Vidicons and Silicon Storage Vidicons"

1971- John L. Moll "For Outstanding Technical Contribution to Electron Devices"