Distinguished Lecturer Nomination Form





Call for Nominations


Distinguished Lecturers who specialize in the fields of

Ø  Devices for Quantum computing

Ø  Devices for Neuromorphic Computing and Artificial Intelligence

Ø  Heterogenous integration

Ø  Advanced Materials for Devices

Ø  Flexible Electronics

Ø MEMS/NEMS Devices and Applications

Ø Sustainable Manufacturing



Submission Deadline: 30 September 2023

Online nomination form

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The IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS) is seeking nominations for Distinguished Lecturers who will promote learning in EDS technical fields at local Chapter meetings while enhancing the visibility of the society. The 2023 Call for Nominations is limited to subject matter experts in the above areas.  To remain an active EDS DL, each DL must deliver at least three lectures in a three-year time period and report them to EDS.  Please visit the EDS website for further information on the EDS Distinguished Lecturer Program.


Nominations for EDS Distinguished Lecturers in the above areas can only be submitted by EDS BoG Members via the online nomination form by the deadline date of 30 September 2023. The nominator must be familiar with the Nominee's professional background and research area. The nominee must be an IEEE/EDS Fellow or IEEE/EDS Senior Member with a minimum of 10 years research experience.  The nominator should complete the EDS DL Nomination Form in full including a 500 word abstract and a video clip of (or a link to) one technical lecture that the DL typically presents. The nomination needs to be endorsed by two EDS BoG members or one IEEE Fellow and one EDS BoG member using the online endorsement form by the deadline date of 30 September 2023. Self-nominations are not accepted.


The nominees need to be effective communicators in their area of expertise. EDS encourages diversity and inclusion in all dimensions including gender, geographic, technical and professional affiliation and will be considered in the selection process. Preference would be given to lecture topics on fabrication, characterization and reliability over modeling.


The nominations of the proposed distinguished lecturers will be reviewed by the DL Review Committee and the appointments will be made by EDS President based on the recommendations of the Committee. The new Distinguished Lecturers will be informed in December 2023.