Procedures for Requesting Distinguished Lecturers and Funding

The EDS Distinguished Lecturer Program provides a means for chapters to have access to individuals who are well known educators and authors in the fields of electron devices to lecture at Chapter meetings.   The Program is only open to EDS Chapters.

A general guideline for the EDS Distinguished Lecturer (DL) visit, but not the absolute rule, is that the DL should be able to include the meeting site with an already planned business travel schedule at a small incremental cost to the DL budget.

Mission of the DL Program

  • To promote EDS technical activities
  • To promote IEEE/EDS membership
  • To assist local EDS chapters

Requesting an EDS Distinguished Lecturer

  • Contact directly the desired Distinguished Lecturer to set a date
  • The chapter and lecturer should discuss if any funding is necessary to perform the lecture prior to the lecture After the lecture date and funding needs determined, the distinguished lecturer should contact the EDS Executive Office and complete the EDS DL Activity Log to advise them of the lecture.  The Chapter normally covers all local expenses for the DL (hotel, taxi, food, etc.)
  • If the Chapter cannot cover local expenses or if the lecturer needs additional funding (airfare, etc.), the DL should complete the EDS DL Activity Log to ask for funding.  Funding approval occurs prior to the lecture.  The maximum DL funding provided per EDS DL is $1,300.00 per lecture (not per trip).  The maximum funding limit per year per EDS DL is $2,600.00.
  • An itemized listing of expenses that need to be covered would need to be included in the log
  • Possible approval of any DL expenses that the chapter cannot cover would be obtained from the EDS Vice-President of Regions/Chapters
  • After the trip, the Distinguished Lecturer needs to access the IEEE Concur website to submit their expenses and receipts and request payment
  • The funds will be wired to the lecturer/chapter for reimbursement
  • All DL reimbursement funds need to be collected within 1 month of the lecture date
  • EDS will not fund lecturers to lecture for conferences that charge a registration fee

Publicizing the Lecture and Promoting IEEE/EDS

  • The event must be announced as "sponsored by the IEEE Electron Devices Society under its Distinguished Lecturer Program", and the lecturer should be mentioned as an EDS Distinguished Lecturer
  • The Chapter Chair is expected to publicize the event by special mailings to all members of the chapter/section.
  • The Lecturer should present to the audience the EDS Overview presentation prior to their technical talk.
  • The Lecturer/Chapter Chair can request the EDS Office to ship membership promotional material to the event site to be distributed/sent out at the lecture

Reporting About the Lecture

  • The Chapter Chair is required to complete an EDS DL & MQ Feedback form and submit it to Laura Riello of the EDS Executive Office.
  • The Chapter Chair or Distinguished Lecturer should report about the event in the Regional and Chapter News Section of the EDS Newsletter.  Contact the Newsletter Editor for your area – see EDS newsletter for a listing of the Editors.