Are you passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM fields? Do you have a deep understanding of electron devices and a knack for engaging interviews? If so, we want you to join us as the anchor for our exciting new spin-off series focused on women in STEM!  We believe that a spin-off series focused on women in STEM, particularly in electron devices, will be a valuable addition to our podcast lineup. By highlighting the achievements and experiences of successful women engineers, we can inspire the next generation of women to pursue careers in STEM.


About the Series:  Building on the success of our IEEE EDS-sponsored Podcast with EDS Luminaries, which has garnered over 15,000 views, we propose to launch a spin-off series focused on women in STEM, with a particular emphasis on electron devices. The purpose of this series is to motivate and inspire women engineers to pursue careers in STEM fields, addressing the underrepresentation of women in engineering disciplines by showcasing the achievements, experiences, and insights of successful women in the field.


Format:  The series will follow a similar format to the original podcast, featuring interviews with prominent women engineers who have made significant contributions to the field of electron devices. Each episode will delve into the guest's life, career journey, challenges faced, successes achieved, and advice for aspiring women engineers.



-        In-depth knowledge of electron devices and the broader STEM landscape

-        Ability to identify and engage with the right group of interviewees

-        Strong communication and interviewing skills

-        Commitment to maintaining the technicality and timeliness of the series

-        Ability to conduct interviews in an engaging and professional manner


Launch Strategy:  We will launch the spin-off series through our existing podcast platform, leveraging our established audience and network. The selection process for the Podcast anchor role will involve soliciting applications of interest with self-prepared audition videos on YouTube. A neutral committee will then interview the selected prospective candidates.



-        Provides role models and mentors for aspiring women engineers

-        Raises awareness of the contributions of women in STEM fields

-        Promotes diversity and inclusion within the engineering community

-        Helps address the gender gap in engineering disciplines

-        Aligns with IEEE EDS's commitment to supporting and advancing the careers of all engineers


Application Process:  If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, please submit your application of interest along with a self-prepared 3 minutes audition video on YouTube.  Deadline for applications is 30 June 2024. For any inquiries, please contact and