Abstract: EDS Webinar: Five Non-Volatile Memristor Enigmas Solved

Five Non-volatile Memristor Enigmas solved

By Prof. Leon Chua


Numerous publications on non-volatile memristors made from disparate materials (from inorganic to organic) share many qualitatively similar memory switching and unique v–i phenomena that have hitherto defied a unified physical explanation.

This talk will address the definitive solution to the following  5  unsolved  enigmas observed in all non-volatile memristors, regardless of  their  material  composition and  structure: (1) All non-volatile memristors have continuum memories. (2) The conductance of all non-volatile memristors can be tuned by applying single voltage pulses. (3) Faster switching can always be achieved by increasing the pulse amplitude. (4) Periodic unipolar input gives non-periodic finger-like multi-prong-pinched hysteresis loops. (5) DC V–I curves of non-volatile memristors are fakes.