Abstract: vFabLab™ - An Interactive Virtual Environment To Train on Fabrication of Semiconductor Devices

Abstract – vFabLab™ is an online based virtual environment, which is designed to help training on semiconductor device fabrication processes and associated CMOS technology equipment for anyone before accessing the cleanroom facilities in person. Inspired by the vision to provide access to thousands of students and other enthusiasts who do not have access to expensive cleanroom facilities, Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Hussain, has conceptualized and devised this online based virtual environment. An interested user needs to register for an account after watching an introductory video and can access the full version without any fees. All the data are secured and not used or traded under any circumstance.  The virtual lab trains the user in end-to-end device fabrication sequence using well-tested process recipes. After each of the training session, the trainee can participate in an interactive Q&A. This platform is designed for desktop or laptop only at this moment. Please visit http://vfablab.org. In this webinar, vFabLab™ will be demonstrated in detail and also its future potential and engagement opportunity will be discussed.