IEEE Women in Engineering Live Chat with Dr. Alice Zhang Abstract

As part of our commitment to advancing the vision and mission of the Electron Devices Society, we invite you to view a special webinar by Haixia (Alice) Zhang, Ph.D., Professor, Institute of Microelectronics, at Peking University, China.  Her talk entitled, “Alice’s Adventure in the Micro/Nano Field and Her Self-powering Life,” provides information on the high performance micro energy harvester and its applications for smart systems and low-power consumption devices.

This one hour broadcast begins with Dr. Zhang's technical presentation, followed by her personal message of self-powering your own life as a professional. A question and answer session enhanced Dr. Zhang's talk, making the event an engaging and successful exchange.


Brought to you by a partnership between the IEEE Electron Devices Society, the IEEE Nanotechnology Council, and IEEE Women in Engineering.