New Requirements to be Proposed for the CEC's Eligible Solar Electric Equipment Guidelines Abstract

The California Energy Commission is planning to propose updates to the requirements for their eligible solar electric equipment guidelines. For PV modules, it will be proposed to add a requirement for a design qualification test to be more consistent with common requirements used around the world. The CEC will also propose the voluntary use of a set of tests that go beyond the standard qualification. Featuring presentations from experts from across the PV spectrum, this webinar will provide attendees with a special preview of these proposed changes and their potential impact on PV development and deployment.

EDS volunteer Sarah Kurtz of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory will host and moderate the event.  She will be joined by our speakers:

Patrick Saxton of the California Energy Commission will describe the process that is planned for updating the CEC's requirements for their eligible hardware guidelines and will provide an overview of the proposed changes.

John Wohlgemuth of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory will describe Qualification Plus - a set of tests that go beyond the standard qualification test and which the CEC will propose as an optional set of tests.

Ralph Romero of Black & Veatch will explain how Black & Veatch finds these developments useful toward higher quality PV deployments in the U.S.