Power Electronics as an enabler for a Smart Energy Future Abstract

Power Electronics circuitry is a key enabler to implement a smart energy future. It is almost unthinkable to implement a sustainable electricity system without controlled conversion in, for instance, high-power transmission in AC as well as DC at high and low voltages, renewable energy grid integration of wind and photovoltaic power, energy storage interfacing, electric vehicle charging, microgrids and efficient high-dynamic industrial drives.

In this webinar we will discuss the current role of power electronic circuits in the smart energy systems, including intelligent grids and buildings, using implementation examples or demonstrators. Starting from selected challenging applications, the evolution of the circuits is linked to the evolution in components such as new wide-bandgap semiconductors and passives.

This tutorial is intended for the Power Electronics/Power Devices professional who is interested in the (bidirectional) interaction between trends on circuit/component level and applications in system-wide electrical energy conversion.