Nanotechnology Committee Tasks and Activities

Tasks and activities of the committee

1. Nanotechnology Webpage - John Lowell is leading the development of this webpage.

2. IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology - The committee will participate in the development of this new IEEE publication. In related developments, a virtual journal has been launched by the American Institute of Physics (AIP) and the American Physical Society, Nanoscale Science and Technology, This journal compiles the current nanoscience papers published across the journals of AIP and APS, allowing members to access the latest results across a wide range of publications. The Institute of Physics, UK, publishes the journal Nanotechnology every three months, see

3. IEEE Nano-2001, the first IEEE Conference on Nanotechnology, see The committee will seek to support this meeting which is being sponsored by a broad spectrum of IEEE societies and organizations. Please visit the IEEE-NANO 2001 home page.

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