J-MEMS Letters

Authors may choose to submit their manuscripts in the traditional (eight-page maximum) format, or alternatively as "JMEMS Letters." 

The Letters format is meant to encourage rapid publication of original and significant contributions that are limited in length (three or fewer journal pages), but appropriate for early dissemination. JMEMS will seek to publish Letters within two months after acceptance of the submission. Papers submitted in the Letters format will be judged by special criteria as clarified below. Letters that are accepted for publication will be located in a clearly identified section of each JMEMS issue distinguishing them from papers prepared under traditional JMEMS guidelines. 

Guidelines for preparing JMEMS Letters
All submissions to JMEMS Letters are required to include an accompanying submission letter that puts forth persuasive arguments supporting the need for rapid publication. Possible supporting statements for these arguments might be built using: 1) references to recent literature that illustrate how the Letter addresses an already existing and pressing problem, and/or 2) "impact" statements outlining timely ramifications of the work, and/or 3) clear arguments supporting the case that the Letter points the way toward significant and meaningful changes in previous technologies, materials, or designs. The accompanying submission letter may not be longer than 500 words, and it does not need to be in the form of prose; a numbered list could suitably provide a case for publication as long as the list makes a convincing case for rapid publication in the Letter format. 

Letter submissions will be reviewed, but only minor revisions that are successfully carried out in one exchange between the subject editor and the author are permitted. If the submission is judged to need major revision, it will be rejected. It then may be revised by the authors and resubmitted; in which case the Letter will be treated as newly submitted.

Results published in JMEMS Letters may be incorporated into a subsequent paper submission provided that the new submission contains 50% or more new substantive material. The new submission must also cite the already published Letter as the first reference. In order to aid in the review process, authors submitting papers that are based on an already published Letter should upload electronic copy of the Letter at the Manuscript Central site as an appendix to their newly submitted manuscript.