J-MEMS Publication Process

Accepted papers are transferred by the EIC to the Managing Editor in the transactions and publications division of IEEE (IEEE ME). The IEEE ME is responsible to see that the paper is in the proper form for publication and for addition to the digital database, IEEE Xplore. In this final stage, interactions between authors and the JMEMS staff are conducted with the IEEE Managing Editor.

Managing the affairs of JMEMS at IEEE is Lisa Jess (l.jess@ieee.org), Publications Peer Review Support Specialist.  The Transactions/Publications Office is at 445 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, NJ, 08855-1331.

Accepted papers need to be supplied to this office in electronic form as described in the Author Digital Tool Box. Prior to publication, copyright for an accepted paper must be transferred to IEEE. After a paper has been accepted, the author can do this electronically by using a "Create ECF" button (ECF stands for "Electronic Copyright Form"), found next to the title of the paper at the JMEMS ScholarOne Manuscripts site.