J-MEMS Review Process

Once the papers have been entered, the JMEMS Site Administrator (ADMIN) will check that all requirements for manuscripts have been met and then will notify the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) who appoints a member of the JMEMS Editorial Board to serve as the paper Subject Editor (ED) and conduct a review of the paper. The ED appoints two or more reviewers who will evaluate the paper. These reviewers are carefully selected with respect to their interest areas and expertise as well as absence of any conflict-of-interest that might possibly affect the reviewing process. The identities of particular reviewers for any given paper are kept secret except for the ED, the EIC, and the ADMIN.

While the paper is undergoing review, the ED will typically communicate with the authors one or more times to request revisions of the manuscript and then ask the reviewers for an evaluation of the revised paper. At some point in this interactive process, the ED decides either that the paper being reviewed is ready for publication or that it should be rejected. The ED conveys this recommendation, along with a summary of reviewer findings, to the author(s) and to the EIC. After review of the paper and inspection of the reviewing process, the EIC makes a final decision for publication or rejection and notifies the author(s).