J-PV Call for Papers

IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics Call for Papers

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To learn more about J-PV visit the web site: http://eds.ieee.org/jpv.html. Regular, Briefs, Review and Correspondence papers are now being accepted. To submit a manuscript In response to the rapid expansion of research in photovoltaics, the IEEE is pleased to announce establishment of the Journal of Photovoltaics (J-PV). The Electron Devices Society with co-sponsorship from six other IEEE groups has launched this peer-reviewed, archival publication to report original and significant research results that advance the field of PV.   


Journal Scope


Fundamentals and New Concepts – Editor: Prof. Steven Ringel, Ohio State Univ.

Nanostructured materials, low-dimensional physics, multiple charge generation, up/down converters, thermophotovoltaics, hot-carrier effects, plasmonics, metamorphic materials, luminescent concentrators, novel light trapping, and rectennas.


Organic PV – Editor: Prof. Alex K-Y. Jen, Univ. Washington

Polymer, hybrid and dye sensitized solar cells, new device concepts including QD, CNTs and graphene composites, tandem cells, modeling, synthesis and evaluation of new materials; high performance contacts; lifetime degradation and mechanisms.


Crystalline Silicon PV – Editor: Dr. Stefan Glunz, Fraunhofer Inst. Solar Energy Systems

Feedstock materials and crystal growth; defect characterization and passivation; surface passivation, light trapping, junction and contact formation; cell architecture; advanced measurement techniques; device and process modeling; production technology; module integration


Amorphous, Nanostructured, and Film Si PV – Editor: Dr. Michio Kondo, Japan AIST

Microstructure characterization, light induced degradation, film oxidation; large throughput, large area, high deposition rates, novel processing routes; new thin silicon concepts, light trapping, multi-layers; multi-junction devices, nano-scale devices, (quantum wire, dots); plasmonic enhancement, photonic structures, TCOs; long-term reliability

Thin Film PV – Editor: Dr. Rommel Noufi, NREL

Including CdTe, CIGS, earth abundant and wide band gap absorbers, novel device structures, tandem structures, thin-film deposition, modeling, electrically active defects, substrates, TCOs, alternative buffers and contacts, process control, moisture barriers and other measures related to stability/reliability.


III-V, Concentrator and Space PV – Editor: Dr. Richard R. King, Spectrolab, Inc.

Including theoretical device modeling, epitaxy, III-V materials characterization, novel multijunction cell designs, solar cell processing and device measurements, lower concentration Si solar cells, and system integration;  novel concentrators and optics, concentrator receiver design and materials, reliability, and testing;  space PV including reliability, environmental effects, protective materials, and cell qualification. 


Photovoltaic Balance of Systems Editor: Prof. Angèle H.M.E. Reinders, Delft Univ. Tech.

PV module materials, durability and the performance of PV modules; irradiance resources and testing protocols, power conditioning of inverters, batteries and other BOS components; large scale grid-connected PV, BIPV and residential installations; system integrated PV.


PV Characterization – Editor: Prof. Clemens Heske, Univ. Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)

Methods of characterization of PV materials and devices, including characterization of structural, optical, electrical, and electronic properties; novel methods ranging from state-of-the-art spectroscopy to advanced imaging; characterization methods from wafer to module scale; and in-line approaches.


PV Systems Control – Editor: Prof. Giovanni Spagnuolo, Univ. Salerno

Control circuits, systems and methodologies, MPPT-related issues, performance assessment, thermal hybrid systems control, grid-connected and stand alone systems control, grid connection and stability.


PV Systems-Grid Interactions – Editor: Benjamin Kroposki, NREL

PV systems, including modules, power conditioning, inverters, balance-of-systems components, monitoring and control of grid-connected PV installations, analyses and simulation of integrated PV systems.


Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Tim Anderson, Univ. Florida


The intent of J-PV is to publish original research results that are of primary interest to the photovoltaic specialist.  Regular, Briefs, Review and Correspondence papers on these subjects are now being accepted. To submit a manuscript http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jpv To learn more about J-PV visit the web site: http://eds.ieee.org/jpv.html. For questions about submissions contact Jo Ann Marsh (j.marsh@ieee.org) Administrative Support for J-PV.



The J-PV is sponsored by the following IEEE Societies and Councils:

·         Electron Devices Society

·         Industrial Electronics Society

·         Nanotechnology Council

·         Photonics Society

·         Power & Energy Society

·         Power Electronics Society

·         Reliability Society