J-PV Editor-in-Chief and Editors

Tim Anderson - Editor-In-Chief

Editorial Board


Richard Corkish - Fundamentals and New Concepts

Vikram L. Dalal -テづつ Thin Film PV and PV Characterization

Frank Dimroth - III-V, Concentrator and Space PV

Stefan W.テづつGlunz -テづつCrystalline Silicon PV

Clemens Heske - PV Characterization

Seth Hubbard - Fundamentals and New Concepts

Alex K-Y. Jen - Organic PV

Richard R. King -テづつIII-V, Concentrator and Space PV

Michio Kondo -テづつAmorphous, Nanostructured, and Film Si PV

Sylvain Marsillac, Old Dominion University

Angティle H.M.E. Reinders -テづつPhotovoltaic Balance of Systems

Steven Ringel - Fundamentals and New Concepts

Angus Rockett - Thin Film PV and PV Characterization

Mike Scarpulla - Thin Film PV

Jan Schmidt - Crystalline Silicon PV

Giovanni Spagnuolo - PV Systems Controlテづ


窶稀arry Atwater, California Institute of Technology

Allen Barnett, University of New South Wales

Andreas Bett, Fraunhofer ISE

David Cahen, Weizmann Institute of Science Israel

Chih-hung (Alex) Chang, Oregon State University

Andres Cuevas, Australian National University

Neelkanth Dhere, University of Central Florida

Alex Freundlich, University of Houston

David Ginger, University of Washington

Ivan Gordon, IMEC

L. Jay Guo, University of Michigan

Woo Kyoung Kim, Yeungnam University

Antonio Marti, Instituto de Energia Solar - ETS

Shigeru Niki, AIST

Giovanni Petrone, University of Salerno

Nikolas Podraza, University of Toledo

Michael Powalla, Zentrum fテシr Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung

William Shafarman, University of Delaware

Ronald A. Sinton, Sinton Instruments

James R.テづつSites, Colorado State University

Arno Smets, Technische Universiteit Delft

Franky So, University of Florida

Wilhelm Warta, Fraunhofer ISE

Jiangeng Xue, University of Florida

Yang Yang, University of California Los Angeles

Ahmed F. Zobaa, Brunel University

Past Editors

Keith Emery - PV Characterization

Benjamin Kroposki -テづつPV Systems-Grid Interactions

Rommel Noufi -テづつThin Film PV

Christopher Wronski - Amorphous, Nanostructured, and Film Si PV