Distinguished Lecturer / Mini-Colloquia Program

The EDS Distinguished Lecturer / Mini-Colloquia (DL-MQ) Program exists for the purpose of providing EDS Chapters with a list of quality lecturers who can present talks at local chapter meetings.

For a listing of EDS Distinguished Lecturers or additional information about the program, please see the menu items to the left.  For any questions regarding the program please contact Laura Riello of the EDS Executive Office.


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Bologna Italy Mini-Colloquium

Date2014.11.04LocationUniversity of Bologna Bologna ItalyRegionIEEE Region 8 (Europe, Middle East and Africa)Contact Enrico Sangiorgi – enrico.sangiorgi@unibo.itDescription

The Bologna Mini-Colloquium is sponsored by the ED Italy Chapter. 
It is organized at the University of Bologna, home of EDS Life Fellow Giorgio Baccarani, who will soon retire from the University.


EDS Distinguished Lecturers:
Mikael Ostling - mostling@kth.se
Andrea Lacaita - andrea.lacaita@polimi.it
Sorin Cristoloveanu - sorin@enserg.fr
Enrico Sangiorgi - enrico.sangiorgi@unibo.it
Massimo RUdan - massimo.rudan@unibo.it
Franco Maloberti - franco.maloberti@unipv.it
Paolo Tenti -   paolo.tenti@unipd.it