Distinguished Lecturer Approval Process

Nominations for EDS Distinguished Lecturers can only be submitted by EDS BoG Members and submitted via the online nomination form.   You must be an IEEE/EDS Senior Member or IEEE/EDS Fellow to serve as an EDS Distinguished Lecturer.   EDS BoG Members should complete the EDS DL Nomination Form and include a 300 word abstract of one lecture that the DL typically presents and send it to Laura Riello of the EDS Executive Office.  Self-nomination is not accepted.

Approval of all EDS Distinguished Lecturers will occur in June and December each year.  The resumes of the proposed distinguished lecturers will be distributed to the Committee via email to the EDS Regions/Chapters Committee and SRC Chairs/Vice-Chairs.  In late June and December, the DL nominator will be contacted.

To maintain your DL title, you must perform two lectures in a two year time period.



  1. Check to see if the person is an appointed position on the EDS Forum

- If yes, forward resume to EDS Regions/Chapters Vice President for review and somewhat automatic approval

- If not, check to see if the individual is an IEEE EDS Senior member or Fellow.  If yes, stock pile resume until June or December.   The entire EDS Regions/Chapters would review to determine if individual should be approved to become an EDS DL.

- If individual is not an IEEE EDS Senior member, be sure that they qualify to be a Senior member and ask if they would like to join.  If the individual is not an IEEE/EDS Senior Member or Fellow, then they do not qualify to be an EDS Distinguished Lecturer.

2.  If individual approved to serve as an EDS DL, Executive Office sends new DL a DL Welcome Packet

3.  If individual not approved to serve as an EDS DL, Executive Office sends a letter out to individual advising them that they have not been approved.