EDS Young Professional Testimonials

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Pragya Kushwaha



“As a young professional, it has always been a great opportunity for me to attend EDS conferences (i.e. IEDM, S3S), where I got a chance to meet academia/industry partners. This is one of the reasons that my research is recognized as state-of-the-art work and the developed compact models are still appreciated by companies like GlobalFoundries and Qualcomm.”




“IEEE EDS is one of the most relevant and leading professional societies on topics related to both, emerging and mainstream semiconductor device technologies. I have benefited from EDS membership and I’ll certainly recommend it to aspiring researchers in the domain. EDS is a very enriching, diverse, and friendly community of professionals, domain experts and peers.”

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“ ......after winning the EDS Early Career Award in 2019, I learned that being an active EDS member is an extraordinary growing and rewarding experience, which I would advise to every young professional working in the field of electron devices.”




“EDS will inspire you for what you can accomplish. Societies such as EDS offer many platforms for providing young professionals valuable insights on career options. Engaging early is not a requirement, but certainly has its benefits. I encourage young professionals to focus on their careers and let their work inspire many.”