Membership Fee Subsidy Program (MFSP)

IEEE policy currently allows a 50% discount on IEEE dues and one society membership for any individual whose annual salary is less than US$15,000. This offering is referred to as the Minimum Income Special Considerations Option. The Electron Devices Society currently has a program for its chapters called the Membership Fee Subsidy Program (MFSP), which both complements the IEEE Minimum Income offering and provides a significant additional benefit for qualified individuals.

With the EDS Membership Fee Subsidy Program, EDS will pay 100% of the IEEE membership dues (at the 50% special circumstances rate) and 100% of EDS membership dues for any new/existing member or student qualifying for the Minimum Income option. EDS will cover up to fifteen (15) chapter members/students per year, for each eligible chapter (those located in low per capita income areas). Each member/student can only be covered 'one time' under this program and five of the fifteen members/students each year must be new IEEE/EDS members/students. The individuals can be applying for either regular membership or student membership. This program is also available to all unemployed members. Although the IEEE Minimum Income option allows individuals to purchase publication subscriptions for one society at a 50% reduced rate, the EDS MFSP does not cover the payment of publication subscriptions.

If a chapter has individuals who qualify for the reduced IEEE Minimum Income offering and the EDS MFSP, all the Chapter Chair needs to do is contact Joyce Lombardini of the EDS Executive Office for information on the EDS enrollment process.

Aside from being a program for existing EDS chapters, the EDS Membership Fee Subsidy Program is also an extremely good means to help facilitate the launching of new chapters in low income geographical areas. For any questions concerning the MFSP program, please contact Joyce Lombardini ( of the EDS Executive Office.