(Charles) Kin P. Cheung



100 Bureau Dr
MS 8120
Gaithersburg MD 20899

E-Mail: kpckpc@ieee.org


Dr. Kin P. Cheung, obtained Ph.D. degree in physical chemistry from the New York University in 1983. From 83 to 85 he was a post doc at Bell Laboratories during which he pioneered Terahertz Spectroscopy. From 1985 to 2001 he was a member of technical staff in Bell Laboratories at Murray Hill. From 2001 to 2006, He was an associate professor at Rutgers University. He is currently a project leader at the National Institute of Standards & Technology, Semiconductor Electronics Division. Dr. Cheung published over 140 refereed journal and conference papers. He authored a book on plasma charging damage, a book chapter and edited three conference proceedings. He served in the committee of a number of international conferences and has given tutorial in 10 international conferences. His area of interest is VLSI technology and devices.