Gennadi Bersuker


2706 Montopolis Dr
Austin Tx 78741
Phone: +1 512 356 7045

Gennadi Bersuker completed his M.S. and Ph.D. in Physics at the Leningrad State University and Kishinev State University, respectively. After graduation, he joined Moldavian Academy of Sciences, and then worked at Leiden University and the University of Texas at Austin. Since 1994, he has been working at SEMATECH on electrical characterization of Cu/low-k interconnect, high-k gate stacks, advanced memory, and CMOS process development. He has been involved in organizing, chairing, or serving as a committee member in a number of technical conferences, including IRW, IRPS, IEDM, ULSI-TFT, ISAGST, LEC, NGCM, APS. He is a SEMATECH Fellow and has published over 200 papers on the electronic properties of dielectrics and semiconductor processing and reliability.