Rommel Noufi

Thin Film Photovoltaics


National Renewable Energy Lab
1617 Cole Blvd
Golden, CO 80401-3305

Phone: 303 384 6510


Rommel Noufi received his Ph.D. in Analytical/Physical chemistry from the University of Texas, at Austin in 1978. He joined the Rockwell international Science Center for two years as a member of the technical staff. In 1980 he joined NREL (SERI at the time) as a senior scientist, where he is currently serving as a principal scientist and group manger in thin film Photovoltaics. He has established a leading position in the interdisciplinary field of material science of thin film electronic materials and devices, with emphasis on thin film PV solar cells.  He has developed synergism of skills in the field of PV device physics, thin film fabrication and characterization, vacuum technology, photoelectrochemistry, electrodeposition, and conducting polymer.  He has lead a team of scientists, engineers, in the design and fabrication of polycrystalline thin film solar cells based on CIGS and CdTe which holds world record conversion efficiency. He also, spent 15 months sabbatical with a CIGS thin film PV start-up company in Silicon Valley serving as the VP for R&D and help the company move the technology from development to manufacturing.  Currently he has Consulting Professor appointment in the material science and engineering department, at Stanford University.  He also has extensive experience in project management of a number of CRADA and WFO projects through his career at NREL, as well as Technology Transfer and collaboration with Industry.


Rommel has been recognized for his research accomplishment and leadership through several awards, including, “Distinguished Innovator Award 2010” at NREL,

H.M. Hubbard Award in recognition of outstanding leadership and initiative in science and technology management, and in furthering NREL as the nation’s foremost renewable energy laboratory.


Rommel has over 170 papers in interdisciplinary. He is co-editor of five (5) professional society conference proceedings, 8 issued NREL Patents, of which 6 are licensed to industry, and numerous invited talks/ lectures in the US and abroad on the subject of Thin Film PV.