Wilman Tsai

MOS Devices and Technology

2851 Junction Ave
San Jose CA 95134
Phone: +1 408 678 2730

E-mail: wtsaia@tsmc.com

Wilman Tsai  is currently Program Manager of  Technology Manufacturing  Group, Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, CA.   He manages external device research group at Intel,   responsible for  research programs in advanced logics and memory devices for 10 nm node and beyond;  include universities, SRC/Focus Center Research Program  and industrial consortia of Sematech and IMEC. 

He chairs the Emerging Research Device forum at Intel where he manages over 40 university research programs in charged-based scaling of CMOS logic and memory devices.  His device  research team at Intel  is currently focused on emerging research logic device using non-Si channels as Ge and InGaAs,  high k dielectrics and exploratory memory devices. 

Dr. Tsai serves on senior advisory boards of  Sematech and IMEC research consortia and is SRC Device Science Steering Advisory Committee chair (SACC)  with Mahboob Khan Outstanding Industry Liaison Awards in 2009.

He obtained his PhD from California Institute of Technology in 1987. He is also  a visiting faculty at Stanford University, Center of Integrated Systems,  and senior member of IEEE, Material Research Society and  Electrochemical Society.  He holds 25 US Patents and over 100 journal/conference publications.