David Cahen

Associate Editor

Weizmann Institute of Science
Materials and Interfaces
Herzl Street
Rehovot 76100

Phone: 97289342246
     Fax: 97289344138




David Cahen, born in the Netherlands, is a professor in the Materials and Interfaces department at the Weizmann Institute of Science, WIS, which he chaired between 2007-2012. Born and raised in the Netherlands, he completed a B.Sc. in chemistry & physics at the Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem (HUJI), a Ph.D. in materials chemistry at Northwestern Univ., and did postdoctoral research in biophysics of photosynthesis at HUJI and WIS. He then joined the WIS, starting work on photoelectrochemical and solid-state solar cells. This expanded into studying chemical aspects of electronic materials and devices, including fundamental chemical limits to device miniaturization and device stability. The latter provided significant scientific bases for practical development of 2nd generation solar cells. In parallel he explored how and when defects in materials can actually improve material quality and device performance. His solar cell interests led to work on hybrid molecular/non-molecular materials and interfaces, which evolved into other present activities, proteins as “dopable” electronic materials. Recent honors include the 2008 Landau Prize for Chemistry and the 2012 Israel Chem, Soc. Prize for excellence, for research on alternative energy sources. A fellow of the AVS and the MRS, he serves on various advisory committees on science and science education, and advises several energy-related companies and initiatives. He directs the WIS’ campus-wide Alternative Sustainable Energy Research Initiative and holds the Rowland and Sylvia Schaefer Professorial Chair in Energy Research. With D. Ginley he edited the MRS/Cambridge Un. Press textbook on Fundamentals of Materials for Energy and Environmental Sustainability.