Yifeng Wu

Solid-State Power and High Voltage Devices and Compound Semiconductor Devices

yf wu

Transphorm Inc
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Goleta CA 93117
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E-mail: yfngwu@gmail.com


Dr. Yifeng Wu received his B.E. degree from Tsinghua University, Beijing in 1985, his M.S. degree in Mechanical Eng. and his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Eng. from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1994 and 1997, respectively.  He served as a lead scientist in GaN microwave and millimeter-wave power devices at WideGap Technology LLC and Cree Inc. for 11 years.  He joined Transphorm Inc. in 2008, leading the engineering effort in developing GaN power conversion devices and applications.

Since his early research on GaN high-electron-mobility-transistors (HEMTs) as a Ph.D. project in 1995, Dr. Wu has been active at the forefront of GaN power electronics with work from basic device discovery to cutting-edge device designs, from millimeter-wave power HEMTs to kV high-efficiency power switches. He demonstrated the first GaN microwave power transistor [EDL 1996] and multiple times extended the record of the highest power density of a solid-state transistor [EDL 1998, IEDM 1999, EDL 2004, DRC 2006]. He led an engineering team at Transphorm and succeeded in developing industry’s first Jedec-qualified 600V GaN-on-Si power device products [WiPDA 2013]. His team further demonstrated true kV-class GaN transistors exceeding vertical SiC performance, reaching an operation space unprecedented for horizontal devices [TPE 2014].

Dr. Wu holds 75 US patents and has authored significant papers resulting in >6500 citations in Google Scholar. He is a senior member of the IEEE (EDS).