Frank Schwierz

Emerging Technologies and Devices


Technische Universitaet Ilmenau
PF 100565
Ilmenau 98684
Phone: 49 3677 69 3120
Fax: 49 3677 59 3132



Frank Schwierz received the Dr.-Ing., and Dr. habil. degrees from Technische Universität  (TU) Ilmenau, Germany, in 1986 and 2003, respectively. Presently he serves as Privatdozent at TU Ilmenau and is Head of the RF & Nano Devices Research Group. His research interests include novel device and material concepts for future transistor generations, ultra-high-speed transistors, and semiconductor device theory. Currently he is particularly interested in two-dimensional electronic materials. Dr. Schwierz is conducting research projects funded by the European Community, German government agencies, and the industry. Together with partners from academia and industry he was involved in the development of the fastest Si based transistors worldwide in the late 1990s, of Europe's smallest MOSFETs in the early 2000s, and of the worlds fastest GaN HEMT on Si in the 2010s. He has published 250 journal and conference papers including 40 invited papers and is author of three book chapters and of the books Modern Microwave Transistors (J. Wiley & Sons 2003) and Nanometer CMOS (Pan Stanford Publishing 2010). Dr. Schwierz is a Senior Member of the IEEE.