Graphical Abstract Guidelines

To enhance the appearance of your paper on IEEE Xplore®, a Graphical Abstract can be displayed along with traditional text. The Graphical Abstract should provide a clear, visual summary of your paper's findings by means of an image, animation, video, or audio clip.

NOTE: The graphical abstract is considered a part of the technical content of the paper, and you must provide it for peer review during the paper submission process. 

The graphical abstract must be a concise, illustrative reflection of the content of your article. It should:

  • Be a visual or audio highlight of the main point of your article and represent a microcosm of the full paper.
  • Include a caption or explanatory note about the visual or audio highlight.
  • Follow the requirements for submitting multimedia as provided in the Preparing Multimedia Materials (PDF) document.


Image Specifications

Dimensions: 660x295
File Types: JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, Word, PDF, PS, EPS, and BMP 
Recommended File Size: <45 KB

NOTE: All images for the Graphical Abstract will be converted to JPG format.

Video Specifications

Frame Rate: 29.97 FPS (frames per second)
Resolution: 16:9 screen aspect ratio
File Types: MP4 (MOV, WMV, and AVI can be provided and converted to MP4)
File Size: <100 MB

NOTE: Please convert PowerPoint slideshows into a movie (MOV) and set the time for each frame to display from 3 to 5 seconds. A guide for specifically preparing a video graphical abstract is provided at:

Audio Specifications 

File Types: MP3, AIFF, MOV (Quicktime Audio), RA (Real Audio), and WAV (Windows Audio)
Recommended Size: <3 MB