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Volume 32 Issue 3 (June 2023)

An Ultrathin Internal Dielectric Actuator for Extended Range Deflection Pull-in Free Actuation

Verma, Satish; Mitra, Bhaskar


Volume 32 Issue 2 (April 2023)

Cost-Effective Strategy for Developing Small Sized High Frequency PMUTs Toward Phased Array Imaging Applications 

Yu, Bo; Yu, Can; Zhang, Liang; Wang, Zhuocheng; Xu, Xingli; He, Anwei; Wang, Xiaohe; Niu, Pengfei; Pang, Wei


Volume 32 Issue 1 (February 2023) 

Silicon-Based Stretchable Structure via Parylene Kirigami Interconnection

Han, Xu; meixuan, Zhang; Lang, Chen; Pan, Zhang; Jin, Yufeng; Wang, Wei




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