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Volume 31 Issue 6 (December 2022)

Continuous mode-reversal FM accelerometer with 60-g FSR, 10-µg/K drift, and VRE rejection

Padovani, Christian; Nastri, Riccardo; Gaffuri Pagani, Leonardo; Frigerio, Paolo; Rizzini, Francesco; Langfelder, Giacomo

Effect of Metallization on Quality Factor and Noise Characteristics in Fused Silica Dual-Shell Gyroscopes 

Wang, Danmeng (proxy) (contact); Asadian Ardakani, Mohammad; Guan, Wei; Hii, Doreen; Parrish, Austin; Shkel, Andrei


 Volume 31 Issue 5 (October 2022)

A SOI Out-of-plane Electrostatic MEMS Actuator Based on In-plane Motion 

Nabavi, Seyedfakhreddin ; Menard, Michael; Nabki, Frederic


A Ring Gyroscope with on-chip Capacitive Stress Compensation

Uzunoglu, Baha Erim; Erkan, Derin; Tatar, Erdinc


 Volume 31 Issue 4 (August 2022)

Fused Quartz Dual-Shell Resonator Gyroscope 

Asadian Ardakani, Mohammad; Wang, Danmeng; Shkel, Andrei 


Micro-patterning of Electret Charge Distribution by Selective Liquid-solid Contact Electrification 

Tao, Kai; Lyu, Boming; Zhang, Jian; Li, Yunjia; Chang, Honglong; Yuan, Zheng


Volume 31 Issue 3 (June 2022)

Electromechanical Equivalent Circuit Model for Axisymmetric PMUTs with Elastic Boundary Conditions 

Chare, Christopher; Gijsenbergh, Pieter; jeong, yongbin; Heremans, Paul; Cheyns, David; Genoe, Jan


Volume 31 Issue 2 (April 2022)

Study of Thin Film LiNbO3 Laterally Excited Bulk Acoustic Resonators 

Yandrapalli, Soumya;  Küçük Eroglu, Seniz; Plessky, Victor; Atakan, Baris; Villanueva, Guillermo



Volume 31 Issue 1 (February 2022)

A Microfluidic Chip for Growth andCharacterization of Adult Rat HippocampalProgenitor Cell Neurospheroids  

Renyuan Yang;Catherine Fonder;Talia Sylvester;Stefan Peng;David Jiles;Donald S. Sakaguchi;Long Que  


Electro-thermally Actuated Non-Volatile Mechanical Memory with CMOS-level Operation Voltage and Low Contact Resistance 

Pan Kyu Choi;Yong-Bok Lee;Suhyun Kim;Tae-Soo Kim;Jun-Bo Yoon

A MEMS Inertial Switch with Large Scale Bi-directional Adjustable Threshold Function 

Penglei Zhang;Yahui Li;Chao Ren;Haodong Zhang;Xian Shi;Yu Liu;Mengqiu Li;Yongcun Hao;Honglong Chang;Zhuoqing Yang