Scientists, researchers and experts in the field of MEMS are encouraged to enroll as JMEMS reviewers. If you wish to be added to the list of potential reviewers, please alert the J-MEMS editorial office or an editor whose interest area in the MEMS/NEMS field is closest to your own. Be sure to include a list of keywords to describe your areas of expertise.

JMEMS reviewers should have published at least eight peer reviewed papers during the last five years in the field of MEMS and microsystems.

The identities of particular reviewers for any given paper are kept secret except for the ED, the EIC, and the ADMIN. At the end of each year, a list of reviewers is published to acknowledge their service (without, of course, making reference to the papers they have reviewed). Reviewers can, however, ask that they not be included on the acknowledgement list, but rather remain anonymous.

The quality of reviews of JMEMS papers strongly depends on the expertise and dedication of the individual reviewer. The purpose of a review is to evaluate a submitted paper according to the scientific content, correctness, novelty and impact, and the publication policy of JMEMS in a fair and objective way. The review in particular helps the authors to improve their manuscript by suggesting minor or major changes, which are based on a justified rational and clear formulation.


2021 Reviewers List

The JMEMS Board of Editors greatly appreciates the support of those important people who, along with anonymous colleagues, contributed reviews for one or more articles processed by JMEMS during the year 2021 (from January 1st, 2021 through December 4th, 2021). Their contributions in time and expertise play an essential role in the ongoing development of archival results through the pages of JMEMS.  Special thanks go to those reviewers who have excelled at their service and whom we recognize with the status of Gold Reviewers.

2021 Reviewers List