Enhanced (Conference) Paper Guidelines

Of particular importance are a few guidelines that are mandatory.

They are:

1) the conference paper must be cited in the enhanced version; 2) the author(s) must explain in the introduction specifically how the conference paper has been enhanced; 3) if the conference paper is not available in Xplore®, the authors must provide an electronic copy of the conference paper; 4) if IEEE does not own the copyright for the paper and figures, the author(s) must obtain the appropriate permission for IEEE to republish them. It is anticipated that at least 30% of the enhanced manuscripts contain relevant material that was not in the conference paper. This is not meant to be a rigid quantitative requirement. Rather, it is a touchstone for editors and reviewers to use such that if less than a third of the relevant material is not new; it will trigger a closer examination of whether the conference paper is really enhanced.