Why QuestEDS?

Technological advancements dictate how we do business in this information age. This is especially true in the publication world where access to the world-wide-web has resulted in a paradigm shift. Libraries have relinquished their role as portals of technical information, their function being taken over by web portals via your desktop or laptop. Making this information available almost for free presents unique challenges to professional societies such as IEEE EDS. One of our traditional values as a provider of highly-prized technical information is being eroded. We feel that one way to inject new value in the membership is via QuestEDS.  This new service provides a means of fulfilling the needs of our members by yet another level of service which has hitherto not existed.

As an EDS member, simply by logging on to the web-site, you can ask questions on any technical matter within the field of interest of EDS. The methodology to process these requests is parallel to the way we handle submission of a manuscript to our publications. The questions will be handled by an editor with the authority of outright rejection if in the judgment of the editor the question is outside the field of interest of EDS, is a request for evaluation of competing commercial products, or help on a take-home exam or the like. Experts within and outside IEEE will be consulted. Our goal is to provide a timely response in TWO WEEKS. The response will be posted on the QuestEDS webpage accessible to EDS members, but without explicit reference to either the source of the question or the answer.

We hope to enhance the value of EDS membership by this new service making this society more meaningful globally to technical professionals including academicians, practicing engineers, researchers and students.  We would like to hear from you, whether you are pleased with this new service or have suggestions on how to enhance it further.  Please click the feedback button to send your valued input.

Renuka P. Jindal
EDS President, 2010 - 2011
IEEE Electron Devices Society