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Welcome to the online archive for the IEEE Journal of Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD), formerly the IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Technology Modeling and Simulation.  This archive contains all the manuscripts published in TCAD from its inception in 1996 until its sunsetting in 2001.  Please note: these manuscripts are available to EDS members only.  For information on joining EDS, please click here.

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TCAD Manuscripts, 1996 - 2001

Analysis of Electron Transport Properties in Unstrained and Strained Si/sub 1-x/Ge/sub x/ Alloys
Authors:  F.M. Bufler, P. Graf, B. Meinerzhagen, B. Adeline, M.M. Rieger, H. Kibbel and G. Fischer

Phase Space Multiple Refresh: A General Purpose Statistical Enhancement Technique for Monte Carlo Device Simulation
Authors:  C. Jungemann, S. Decker, R. Thoma, W.-L. Engl and H. Goto

Full-Band-Structure Theory of High-Field Transport and Impact Ionization of Electrons and Holes in Ge, Si, and GaAs
Authors:  M.V. Fischetti, N. Sano, S.E. Laux and K. Natori

Theory and Implementation of a New Interpolation Method Based on Random Sampling
Authors:  W. Schoenmaker and R. Cartuyvels

High-Level TCAD Task Representation and Automation
Authors:  C. Pichler, R. Plasun, R. Strasser and S. Selberherr

Three-Dimensional Photolithography Simulation
Authors:  H. Kirchauer and S. Selberherr

A Single-Electron Device and Circuit Simulator with a New Algorithm to Incorporate Co-Tunneling
Authors:  C. Wasshuber, H. Kosina and S. Selberherr

Fully Unstructured Delaunay Mesh Generation Using a Modified Advancing Front Approach for Applications in Technology CAD
Authors:  P. Fleischmann and S. Selberherr

Level Set Methods for Etching, Deposition and Photolithography Development
Authors:  D. Adalsteinsson and J.A. Sethian

Convergence Estimation for Stationary Ensemble Monte Carlo Simulations
Authors:  C. Jungemann, S. Yamaguchi and H. Goto

Simulation of Quantum Confinement Effects in Ultra-Thin-Oxide MOS Structures
Authors:  M.G. Ancona, Z. Yu, W.-C. Lee, R.W. Dutton and P.V. Voorde

VLSI Performance Metric Based on Minimum TCAD Simulations
Authors:  G. Schrom, V. De and S. Selberherr

A Computationally Efficient Ion Implantation Damage Model and its Application to Multiple Implant Simulations
Authors:  G. Wang, S. Tian, M. Morris, B. Obradovic, G. Balamurugan, A. Tasch, S. Morris, H. Kennel, P. Packan, C. Magee, J. Sheng, R. Lowther, J. Linn and C. Snell

The Role of Boron Segregation and Transient Enhanced Diffusion on Reverse Short Channel Effect
Authors:  C. Machala, R. Wise, D. Mercer and A. Chatterjee

Time-Integration and Iterative Techniques for Semiconductor Diffusion Modeling
Authors:  A.L. Pardhanani and G.F. Carey

Tilt Angle Effect on DC and AC Performance of Halo PMOS
Authors:  J.-G. Su, S.-C. Wong, D.-Y. Lee, C.-T. Huang and B.-Y. Tsu

AMIGOS: Analytical Model Interface & General Object-Oriented Solver
Authors:  M. Radi, E. Leitner and S. Selberherr

Monte Carlo Simulation of Heavy Species (Indium and Germanium) Ion Implantation into Silicon
Authors:  Y. Chen, B. Obradovic, M. Morris, G. Wang, G. Balamurugan, D. Li, A.F. Tasch, D. Kamenitsa, W. McCoy, S. Baumann, R. Bleier, D. Sieloff, D. Dyer and P. Zeitzoff

A Hybrid Technique for TCAD Modeling and Optimization
Authors:  B. Govoreanu, W. Schoenmaker, G. Kopalidis, G. Dima, O. Mitrea and M. Profirescu

Optimized Algorithms for Three-Dimensional Cellular Topography Simulation
Authors:  W. Pyka, R. Martins and S. Selberherr

TCAD-Based Simulation of Hot-Carrier Degradation in p-Channel MOSFETs Using Silicon Energy-Balance and Oxide Carrier-Transport Equations
Authors:  S.K. Mukundan, M.P. Pagey, C.R. Cirba, R.D. Schrimpf and K.F. Galloway

A Computationally Efficient Target Search Algorithm for a Monte Carlo Ion Implantation Simulator
Authors:  G. Wang, B. Obradovic, Y. Chen, D. Li, S. Oak, G. Srivastav, S. Banerjee and A. Tasch