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Topic: Next-generation Electronics with 2D Materials - from atoms to applications
Presented by: Prof. Kaustav Banerjee
Read: Abstract / Biography
Date: 14 November 2018  / Time: 11:00AM EDT


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Event number: 630 978 737
Event password: 1114
Event address for attendees: https://ieee.webex.com/ieee/onstage/g.php?MTID=e74d62c959eed44f23908eec3083cca79


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Five Non-Volatile Memristor Enigmas Solved
Presented by: Prof. Leon Chua
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Hybrid Systems-in-Foil: Enabler of Flexible Electronics
Presented by: Joachim N. Burghartz
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Silicon Terahertz and sub-THz Electronics for Imaging, Sensing, Testing and Communications
Presented by: Dr. Michael Shur
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When More Moore and More than Moore will meet for 3D
On the way to the Energy and Variability Efficient (E.V.E.) Era
Presented by: Simon Deleonibus, IEEE Fellow
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ESD Protection Design for ICs: Past, Current and Future
Presented by: Albert Z.H. Wang, Ph. D., IEEE Fellow
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