Chapter of the Year Award


Chapter of the Year Award Committee


The EDS Chapter of the Year Award is given each year based on the quantity and quality of the activities and programs implemented by the chapters during the prior July 1st – June 30th period.  Chapters, please be sure to submit your reports to IEEE:  IEEE Vtools -  Chapter Activity Report (EDS Chapters & Student Branch Chapters) 

EDS recently revised our Chapter of the Year Award to award one non-student chapter and one student chapter in any geographic location.  

Nominations for the awards can only be made by Regions/chapters Committee members, SRC Chairs/Vice-Chairs, or self-nominated by Chapter Chairs. Please submit your nomination form by September 15th.

Each winning chapter will receive a plaque and check for $500 to be presented at an EDS Conference or Chapter Meeting.  Travel reimbursement will not be provided.  A chapter that has previously received the Chapter of the Year Award is eligible for re-nomination only after three years from the year of the award. 




September 29th
Call for Nominations e-mailed to Chapter Chairs, SRC Chairs & Vice Chairs & Regions/Chapters Committee July
Deadline for Nominations September 29th
Regions/Chapters Committee & SRC Chairs/Vice Chairs selects the winners
Award shipped to Chapter 



Year Chapter

2022 Chapter of the Year Award:  IEEE EDS Puebla Section Chapter
2022 Student Branch Chapter of the Year Award:  EDS Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

2021 2021 Chapter of the Year Award:  IEEE ED Spain Chapter
2021 Student Branch Chapter of the Year Award:  National Institute of Tech Silchar, Assam, India
2020 2020 Chapter of the Year Award:  IEEE ED Uttar Pradesh Kanpur Chapter
2020 Student Branch Chapter of the Year Award:  IEEE ED/RFID/BIO Costa Rica Institute of Technology Student Branch Chapter

Regions 1-7 - None
Region 8 – AP/ED/MTT/COM/EMC Tomsk Chapter
Region 9 – ED Universidad Estadual de Campinas Student Branch Chapter
Region 10 – ED Peking University Student Branch Chapter

Regions 1-7 - ED/CAS North Jersey Chapter
Region 8 - ED/SSC University of Nis Student Branch Chapter
Region 9 - ED/RA Tunja Chapter
Region 10 - ED Malaysia Chapter

Regions 1-7:  ED Schenectady Chapter
Region 8:  ED/MTT/AP/CPMT/SSC West Ukraine (Lviv) Chapter
Region 9:  ED South Brazil Chapter
Region 10:  ED Delhi Chapter


Regions 1-7: ED Boise Chapter
Region 8: ED Spain Chapter
Region 10: AP/ED Bombay Chapter

2015 Regions 1-7: ED Santa Clara Valley / San Francisco Joint Chapter 
Region 8: ED/AP/MTT/PHO United Kingdom & Ireland Chapter 
Region 9: ED Universidad Santo Tomas (Tunja) Student Branch Chapter 
Region 10: ED Peking University Student Branch Chapter
2014 Regions 1-7: ED Mid-Hudson Chapter
Region 8:  None
Region 9: ED Universidad Estadual de Campinas Student Branch Chapter
Region 10:  ED Malaysia Chapter
2013 Regions 1-7:  ED/SSC Baltimore Chapter
Region 8:  ED IRE NASU Kharkiv Student Branch Chapter
Region 9:  ED/MTT/EMB Brazil Chapter
Region 10:  ED Delhi Chapter
2012 ED Spain
2011 SSC/ED Hong Kong
2010 ED Boise
2009 ED/AES/AP/EMB/GRS/MTT/NPS East Ukraine
2008 ED Orlando
2007 ED Santa Clara
2006 REL/CPMT/ED Singapore
2005 ED/SSC Bangalore
2004 REL/CPMT/ED Singapore
2003 ED Boise
2002 ED Taipei
2001 AP/ED Bombay
2000 ED/SSC Yugoslavia
1999 ED/SSC Seoul
1998 ED/MTT India & ED/CPMT/RL Singapore Chapter


Although the IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS) is pleased to invite all individuals and groups in the OFAC embargoed countries to submit nominations for IEEE EDS Awards, the IEEE EDS cannot provide any award monies to members from such countries at this time.