George E. Smith Award

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The George E. Smith Award was established in 2002 to recognize the best paper appearing in a fast turn around archival publication of the IEEE Electron Devices Society, targeted to the IEEE Electron Device Letters. It is presented annually and the recipient(s) is awarded a certificate and a check for $2,500, presented at the IEEE EDS International Electron Devices Meeting.


 Congratulations to the 2023 IEEE EDS George E. Smith Award Winners for the winning paper

Robust Avalanche in 1.7 kV Vertical GaN Diodes with a Single-Implant Bevel Edge Termination


 Award Winners

YearPaper TitleAuthors
2023 "Robust Avalanche in 1.7 kV Vertical GaN Diodes with a Single-Implant Bevel Edge Termination” Ming Xiao, Yifan Wang, Ruizhe Zhang, Qihao Song, Matthew Porter, Eric Carlson, Kai Cheng, Khai Ngo and Yuhao Zhang
2022 "Demonstration of Multiply-Accumulate Operation With 28 nm FeFET Crossbar Array” Sourav De, Franz Müller, Nellie Laleni, Maximilian Lederer, Yannick Raffel, Shaown Mojumder, Alptekin Vardar, Sukhrob Abdulazhanov, Tarek Ali, Stefan Dünkel, Sven Beyer, Konrad Seidel, and Thomas Kämpfe
2021 "Demonstration of a p-type Ferroelectric FET with immediate read-after-write capability” Dominik Kleimaier, Halid Mulaosmanovic, Stefan Dunkel, Sven Beyer, Steven Soss, Stefan Slesazeck and Thomas Mikolajick
2020 “Theoretical Limit of Low-Temperature Subthreshold Swing in Field-Effect Transistors” Arnout Beckers, Farzan Jazaeri and Christian C. Enz
2019 "Large-Area 1.2-kV GaN Vertical Power FinFETs With a Record Switching Figure of Merit" Yuhao Zhang, Min Sun, Josh Perozek, Zhihong Liu, Ahmad Zubair, Daniel Piedra, Nadim Chowdhury, Xiang Gao, Kenneth Shepard and Tomás Palacios
2018 "Improved Subthreshold Swing and Short Channel Effect in FDSOI n-Channel Negative Capacitance Field Effect Transistors Daewoong Kwon, Korok Chatterjee, Ava J. Tan,  Ajay K. Yadav, Hong Zhou, Angada B. Sachid, Roberto Dos Reis, Chenming Hu and Sayeef Salahuddin
2017 "Negative Capacitance as Performance Booster for Tunnel FETs and MOSFETs: An Experimental Study" Ali Saeidi, Farzan Jazaeri, Francesco Bellando, Igor Stolichnov, Gia V. Luong, Qing-Tai Zhao, Siegfried Mantl, Christian C. Enz, and Adrian M. Ionescu
2016 “An Experimental Demonstration of GaN CMOS Technology"

Rongming Chu, Yu Cao, Mary Chen, Ray Li and Daniel Zehnder

"First Demonstration of Amplification at 1 THz Using 25nm
InP High Electron Mobility Transistor Process"
Xiaobing Mei, Wayne Yoshida, Mike Lange, Jane Lee, Joe Zhou, PoHsin Liu, Kevin Leong, Alex Zamora, Jose Padilla, Stephen Sarkozy, Richard Lai, and William R. Deal
2014 "Record Hole Mobility at High Vertical Fields in Planar Strained Germanium on Insulator With Asymmetric Strain" Winston Chern, Pouya Hashemi, James T. Teherani, Dimitri A. Antoniadis, and Judy L. Hoyt

"Origins of Effective Work Function Roll-Off‚Behavior for High-Last Replacement Metal Gate Stacks€


Flexible Complementary Logic Gates Using Inkjet-Printed Polymer Field-Effect Transistors€

Takashi Ando, Eduard A. Cartier, John Bruley, Kisik Choi,Vijay Narayanan and Yong-Young Noh, Kang-Jun Baeg, Dongyoon Khim, Juhwan Kim, Dong-Yu Kim, Si-Woo Sung, Byung-Do Yang

2012 "Tri-Gate Normally-Off GaN Power MISFET" Bin Lu, Elison Matioli, Tomas Palacios
2011 Transparent Flexible Circuits Based on Amorphous-Indium “Gallium Oxide Thin-Film Transistors" Jin Jang, Mallory Mativenga, Min Hyuk Choi, Jae Won Choi


"Dual-Gate Graphene FETs with fTof 50 GHz€ Yu-Ming Lin, Hsin-Ying Chiu, Keith A. Jenkins, Damon B. Farmer, Phaedon Avouris, Alberto Valdes-Garcia


"Graphene-on-Insulator Transistors Made Using C on Ni Chemical-Vapor Deposition Jakub T. Kedzierski, Pei-Lan Hsu, Alfonso Reina, Jing Kong, Paul Healey, Peter Wyatt, Craig Keast
2008 "Low-Temperature-Processed Inorganic Gate Dielectrics for Plastic-Substrate-Based Organic Field-Effect Transistor"


"Complementary Logic Gates and Ring Oscillators on Plastic Substrates by Use of Printed Ribbons of Single-Crystalline Silicon "

Subodh G. Mhaisalkar, H.S. Tan, T. Cahyadi, Z.B. Wang, A. Lohani, Z. Tsakadze, S. Zhang, and F.R. Zhu



John A. Rogers, D-H Kim, J-H Ahn, H-S Kim, K.J. Lee, T-H Kim, C-J Yu, and R.G. Nuzzo

2007 "Vertically Stacked SiGe Nanowire Array Channel CMOS Transistors" Navab Singh, W.W. Fang, L.K. Bera, H.S. Nguyen, S.C. Rustagi, G.Q. Lo, N. Balasubramanian, D.-L. Kwong
2006 "Half-Terahertz Operation of SiGe HBTs" John D. Cressler, Ramkumar Krithivasan, Yuan Lu, Jae-Sung Rieh, Marwan H. Khater, David Ahlgren and Greg Freeman
2005 "Pentacene TFT Driven AM OLED Displays" Lisong Zhou, Sungkyu Park, Bo Bai, Jie Sun, Sheng-Chu Wu, Thomas N. Jackson, Shelby Nelson, Diane Freeman and Yongtaek Hong
2004 "Fully Depleted Strained-SOI n- and p-MOSFETs on Bonded SGOI Substrates and Study of the SiGe/BOX Interface" Zhiyuan Cheng, A.J. Pitera, M.L. Lee, J. Jung, J.L. Hoyt, D.A. Antoniadis, and E.A. Fitzgerald
"(110) Strained - SOI N - MOSFETs with Higher Electron Mobility "
T. Mizuno, N. Sugiyama, S. Takagi and T. Tezuka
"Self-Aligned SiGe NPN Transistors with 285 GHz fMAX and 207 GHzfT in a Manufacturable Technology"
B. Jagannathan, M. Khater, F. Pagette, J.-S Rieh, D. Angell, H. Chen, J. Florkey, F. Golan, D.R. Greenberg, R. Groves, S.J. Jeng, J. Johnson, E. Mengistu, K.T. Schonenberg, C.M. Schnabel, P. Smith, A. Stricker, D. Ahlgren, G. Freeman, K. Stein and S. Subbanna.