VLSI Technology & Circuits Committee


The objective of the VLSI Technology and Circuits Committee is to identify new/hot areas of interest to the Electron Devices and Solid-State Circuits communities. Based on the nature of the areas, we will recommend any or all of the following:

Initiate topical workshops of current interest (attached to existing conferences or start new ones)

Special Issues for major publications (e.g., J-Eds, T-ED)

Panel session topics for EDS sponsored/co-sponsored conferences

Special Sessions for EDS sponsored/co-sponsored conferences

This committee strongly suppors EDTM (Electron Devices Technology and Manufacturing) conference which was estableshed by our activity.


This is a non-voting Ex-Officio Forum member position with a two-year term and serves up to two-terms. We limit the membership terms so that new ideas can be generated, incorportated, and executed.


Operation of this committee is done mainly by email. We have face-to-face meetings in conjunction with the EDS BoG Meeting. There are two BoG meetings a year, with one being held in conjunction with IEDM and the other is held in May or June in conjunction with another EDS sponsored conference or event. The other opportunity to have face-to-face (ad-hoc) meetings is in conjunction with EDS sponsored conference such as EDTM (in Asia around March) and ESSDERC (in Europe around September). This means each quarter, members have the chance to meet in person. Since member's are located globally this helps communication among all committee members.


The VLSI Technology and Circuits Technical Committee was formed in 1998 under the leadership of Prof. Charles G. Sodini (MIT), followed by Dr. H.-S. Philip Wong (IBM), Werner Weber (Infineon), Dr. James A. Hutchby (SRC) Dr. Bin Zhao (Freescale Semiconductor) and Shuji Ikeda (tei Solutions). Since its formation, the VLSI Committee has chartered its missions to identify new technical trends, to help foster new technical concepts, and to serve the emerging needs of the Electron Devices and Solid-State Circuits communities in VLSI. The committee members include many well recognized technical experts representing a very wide spectrum of technical expertise in VLSI devices, technology, and circuits. Every year, the committee brainstorms (by email) on ideas that are suitable for a new workshop, special issue for a journal, panel sessions, and special sessions for conferences. Committee members then take these ideas forward and find a way to make them happen, either by being the organizers themselves, or by finding suitable organizers for the topic. We work closely together with journal editors and conference organizers. Especially in the case of new workshops, it is much easier to attach the new workshop to existing conferences rather than to start new. EDTM conference was established and started in 2017 based on our activity and many committee members are supporting this conference.


If you have ideas for a new workshop, a special issue for journals, or topics for panel sessions and special sessions for conferences, please contact current committee members. If you would like to volunteer in the committee or have suggestions and comments to the activities of this committee, please contact Kazunari Ishimaru.


Hitoshi Wakabayashi

Tokyo Institute of Technology



Any comments, ideas, and suggestions related to the field of VLSI Technology and Circuits are sincerely welcome!


Please click here to view the committee's article from the April 2017 edition of the EDS Newsletter.


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