Undergraduate Student Scholarships

Description: One-year fellowships awarded to promote, recognize, and support undergraduate level study and hands-on experience within the field of interest Electron Devices Society (EDS).

Five fellowships will be awarded each year, with the selection of only one fellowship to eligible students in each of the IEEE geographical Regions 8, 9, and 10 and two fellowships in Regions 1-7 not exceeding one from Region 7.

Prize: US$1,000 and a plaque to the winning student, to be presented by the Dean or Department head of the undergraduate program of the student’s resident institution.

Eligibility: Candidate must: be an IEEE EDS student member at the time of nomination; a full-time undergraduate student in an engineering program of an accredited academic institution; successfully completed at least an undergraduate course on microelectronic devices or fabrication processes with a passing grade of at least B or equivalent; strong proven interest (enrolling microelectronic device/process courses and undergraduate research projects) to continue study and research in a graduate program in the EDS field-of-interest at an accredited academic institution; must be a fresh candidate; previous award winners are not eligible.   The nominator must be an IEEE EDS member and preferably be serving as the candidate’s mentor or faculty advisor of IEEE EDS Student Branch of the institute. 

Basis for Judging: Proven record of microelectronics courses studied with grades and candidate's motivation to study and perform research in the fields of electron devices and proven history of academic excellence in engineering and / or physics as well as involved in undergraduate research and / or supervised projects.

Application Package:

  • Nominating letter by an EDS member and preferably by serving as the candidate's mentor or faculty advisor of IEEE EDS Student Branch of the institute.
  • One-page biographical sketch of the undergraduate student (including student's mailing address and e-mail address).
  • Statement by the student applicant describing their education and research interests and accomplishments. This can include undergraduate and summer internship research work.
  • One copy of the student’s transcripts/grades. 


  • Completed application packages are due at the EDS Executive Office no later than July 15, 2024.
  • Recipients will be notified in September 2024. 
  • Monetary awards will be presented by the Dean or Department Chair of the undergraduate program of the student's resident institution.

Please submit completed application packages by email to: s.lehotzky@ieee.org 

Additional Questions? Please contact Stacy Lehotzky s.lehotzky@ieee.org.


2023 Winners School
Yeasin Arafat Pritom University of Dhaka (Bangladesh)
2022 Winners School
Alexander Yovanovich Rochester Institute of Technology
Tejas Ketkar Indian Institute of Technology
2021 Winners School
Hrit Mukherjee Jadavpur University (Kolkata India)
Andressa Marangon New Jersey Institute of Technology (Newark, NJ)
2020 Winners School
Azwar Abdulsalam Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Yanghao Wang Peking University